FS: Joysticks - 2 Namco, Japanese Virtua Stick, etc

All prices DO NOT include shipping. Ask me for actual shipping costs (one stick will be roughly $10 with delivery confirmation)

I prefer PayPal (confirmed addresses only please) for ease and speed, but I will take USPS Money Order as well. Here’s the list:


Japanese Namco Soul Edge Edition - $65 ON HOLD

Japanese Namco #4 - $60 ON HOLD

Japanese Virtua Stick - SOLD

Just to show you guys what you could do with a Virtua Stick:

2 Boxed Real Arcade V7 - SOLD

Real Arcade V7 - SOLD

2 Working Fighting Stick SS - SOLD

Neo Geo CD Controller Pro - SOLD

Hori Compact Joystick - SOLD

Fighting Stick V - $10

Non-working Fighting Stick SS - SOLD
2 ASCII Fighting Stick X - $5 each



PC Joybox Converter - SOLD

Game Elements Converter - SOLD

2 Boxed HSS-0115 Grey Steering Wheel - SOLD

2 Beatmania Controllers - SOLD

Guncon - SOLD


Those are some nice prices you’ve got there.

Thanks, Mixah. I honestly don’t even know what any of this stuff is worth. I just went on eBay and checked for the lowest BIN price and decided that would be the shipped price for anything I had. Not a big deal…

Just to let everyone know within 2 minutes all 3 of the non-working Virtua Sticks were sold/awaiting payment…


PM sent. Too good to pass up. :lovin:

I was just gonna take one. :sad:

Do you still have that Saturn? I may be interested if you would be willing to knock the price down a little.

PM sent

Okay guys, upon waking up I got around 20-30 PMs from the 3 forums I posted this sale thread. It will take me a little while to answer since a lot of you wanted the same stuff.

DummyAccount, apparently my prices were too low for the Saturn considering I have over 10 PMs on that itself. So lowering the price is out.

Sorry Rickstah, as I posted the 3 broken ones were sold within 2 minutes of posting the thread.

There are some of you that wanted the entire Saturn console and game set and those people will get priority since I’d be very happy to get rid of everything in one sale even if I could make more money selling it piece by piece. I’ll have to work something out between the people who PMed. I’ll probably do something similar to what I did with my last sale thread.

“Bidding War
In the rare case that two people make an offer for the same stick(s) at the listed price(s) on the SAME day. I will ask for ONE maximum bid from each. The highest bidder will play the 2nd highest maximum bid. For example if Person A bids $125, Person B bids $130, and Person C bids $200. Person C will get the stick but he will only pay $130 since that was the 2nd highest maximum bid amongst the three.”

In this case obviously it has to do with the Saturn package. So the winner will only have to pay the 2nd highest bid for the package.

For everyone who asked about the broken Virtua Sticks, they were sold last night within 2 minutes of putting up the original post. I was still awake at the time and answered the 2 immediately. I will replay to everyone else a little later in the day.



Okay most of the stuff is sold including ALL the Saturn games and the system. Everything that has been paid for has been marked SOLD now.

I also added King of Fighters 99 Evolution (disc only) for free to whoever buys Soul Calibur.


Okay everyone who has paid for something should have gotten a PM from me with shipping information.

I also updated the whole thread so that the exact stock is shown. I lowered a couple prices here and there.


how much did the saturn go for?

$140 shipped


I wanted to give this one little bump. Also, MegamanDS, I can’t change the title of this thread to meet the new rules of the forum. The thread was made quite a while ago. If you could please add “WTS” or “FS” to the title, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.


Are any of those sticks moded for PSX/PS2 use?

If so, PM plz

Updated first post. Only three Virtua Stick left. Also, I’ve added a Saturn to DC converter for those of you who might want to use some of these sticks for DC games.


EDIT: Only 2 VS left and the Saturn to DC converter was sold as well. Updated first post.

UPDATE June 27 with TONS of new stuff.


Interested in the Japanese Virtua Stick for $30. Is it similar to the US T5 mod to get it working for the Playstation or more along the lines of the Green Goblin?

Neo Geo CD Controller Pro - $10
Game Elements Converter - $5
2 Boxed HSS-0115 Grey Steering Wheel - $5 each
Guncon - $5

Ill take these, paypal ready, are these prices with shipping? If so I hear paypal making a ching ching sound :slight_smile:

PM sent. I)

Wow, a LOT of that went fast…sorry for everyone who I couldn’t accomodate…The list is updated and current as of now.

All things that have been paid for by now will be sent out today.