FS: Joysticks including Optical ASCIIs (Flash1 clones), mods, and others

Okay, I’ve just been REALLY lazy about clearing out my joystick collection since my move. I’ve been wanting to get rid of some stuff to free up some storage space in my smallish apartment.

Sale details/policies:

  1. I know the rules say to post prices including shipping, but I have always done exact shipping prices after I find out the zip codes and weigh the item(s) on my scale in order to not over or undercharge for shipping. This also allows buyers to choose their shipping details for faster or cheaper delivery. So the prices below DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING. Combined shipping applies. I will ship basically anywhere in the world as long as buyer pays all applicable shipping costs.
  2. For the first time, I’m just going to do a first-come, first-served. No holds will be given.
  3. Again, for the first time I will only accept PayPal. I used to accept money orders but they take too long and are more work for both me and the buyer.

Modded DOA3 Stick (Xbox 360) - SOLD
Modded by me. Never used aside from testing. This stick was last tested before my 360 was stolen back in October. It was 100% working then but haven’t tested since. Should still be 100% working.

JLF with Sanwa buttons. One Seimitsu button for the Xbox button. Wired official 360 PCB with QDs. Custom plexi and artwork. I even made a headset port, but I think the gauge I used for it was too thick so it doesn’t work. I was going to get around to fixing this but just don’t have the time. Rest of the stick works perfectly and could be an easy fix for someone who has the time to do a bit of soldering.

Modded Royds Stick - SOLD
Never used aside from testing. I bought this stick some time back last year directly from Japan and modded it almost immediately. It is a PS/PS2 stick. The interesting thing about it, is that it comes with 2 easily switchable control panels, One is more Neo Geo style and the other is traditional SF layout with 8 buttons. Note that the stick is $90 plus shipping from Play-Asia so you’re getting a modded stick for about the same price as a stock one.

Modded with new wiring and QDs as well as Sanwa buttons. I didn’t have enough 30mm buttons at the time since I typically only make sticks with 6 action buttons, which is why only 6 are shown in the pictures. The joystick is stock. I could have modded it but I actually REALLY like the feel of it. It has a very small throw and had good microswitches, and a metal restrictor. The spring is like that of a JLF, but the throw might be even smaller than an LS-32 so it makes for a very interesting stick. If you like both the JLF and LS-32, I think you’ll like this stock stick.

Dreamcast ASCII Fighting Sticks with Optical Joysticks - BOTH SOLD
These are great stock joysticks. One of my all time favorite stock joysticks, not only because of the Flash1 clones but also the small size and good stock buttons. For a comparison of the ASCII Optical Stick and the Flash1 see my post, complete with pictures, here:


Playstation ASCII Fighting Sticks with Optical Joysticks - BOTH SOLD
Same as above but made for PS/PS3. these both have 8 action buttons instead of just the 4 for the DC versions. For a comparison of the ASCII Optical Stick and the Flash1 see my post, complete with pictures, here:


**Fighting Stick V for Playstation - $10 **(or $5 if you purchase another item plus extra shipping)

**Capcom Fighting Stick for NES and SNES - $10 **(or $5 if you purchase another item)


2 ASCII Fighting Stick X for Saturn - BOTH SOLD (or free if your purchase another item)


That’s all from me folks!


Gimme another Namco stick.


ah always wanted one them royd sticks!, must have think about it :wonder:

EDIT: how much to the UK paik for the Royd stick?

Those ASCII sticks are superb sticks. Def my favorite as far as non-custom sticks go. Good luck with everything!

I actually have a brand new in box Namco. But I’m not going to sell it at this time. Sorry!


ah ha the royd is mine!

Wow, those are some awesome sticks. If I didn’t have my hands full at the moment, I would be all over a couple of these.

I hope people realize the ascii stick III is just like the asciii v pad pro in terms of programming capability.

If it works, please dont’ waste it as there are almost none left. Make the most out of it can serve as a great tool in finding things in a game, not just playing versus people.

I actually have the memory card for it too…somewhere…I bought it and never used it. It’s still in the little box…if I find it I’ll post that too. Although I’m not sure if the LCD screen works anymore…I actually have plenty more ASCII sticks including another ASCII Stick III. I’m just selling the ones that aren’t boxed/new.


wow, i’m surprised all these optical sticks haven’t been bought up yet. If I was a sanwa fan, I woulda been all over this.

I dont have the money right now but I will be keeping my eye on that 360 stick for sure.

Still interested in the Chun Li joystick. =)

Answered all PMs. I’m kind of surprised that people aren’t into the ASCIIs either considering I get a PM at least once a week about selling one of my authentic Flashes. Meh, I definitely don’t mind keeping them so whatever!


I would love one of the opticals but I don’t need the whole joystick and I figured it would be rude to ask you to rip one out and sell it to me seperately.

Heh heh, it wouldn’t be rude to ask, but no I wouldn’t do that. : )


Pm sent

Sorry for the late reply to PMs guys. I’ve been traveling all day and am currently in Oakland airport while typing this. I will be in San Francisco until Monday. At this time, both the PS ASCIIs are on hold until I get back and get shipping quotes to people. There is also a person who is “in line” for one in case they others aren’t interested.

I will answer PMs every evening until Monday but again I won’t be able to give out quotes.


Hey Paik. I’m definitely interested in your 360 stick. I have a question though - I’m looking for a dual purpose PS3/360 stick - one that shares a common USB cable. I am more than willing to do that part of the custom work myself… however my question is, do you think there is room for a 2nd PCB in the DOA chassis?? If I had to guess, I’d say its pretty tight in there.

Don’t suppose you have a pic of the internals?? :smiley:

AC, the stick JUST went on hold right before you posted. I will let you know if it falls through.

I will answer your questions though. I don’t think I have an internal shot of the stick. I thought I remembered taking one but its not on my photobucket which means I probably don’t have it anymore. It was a TIGHT fit for the 1st party 360 PCB. I actually have to cut out some of the plastic to fit it in. That being said, the PS3 PCB is small so I can see you jamming it in there somewhere. The stick itself is pretty thin.

Again if the sale falls through, you will be the first to know and I’ll take extra pics of the internals for you, if need be.


cool. thanks.