FS: Joysticks, MC TE Art plates, and Seimitsu buttons


After tomorrow, I’m going to take the joysticks apart and start selling by component(s). Price cuts on T5 modded joysticks and Mad Catz cut-out art. Wii Fight Stick removed from sale – decided to keep this one!

Continental US only unless knows a cheap way to ship to Canada or Hawaii/Alaska with insurance!

NOTE: A lot of us lose money on these sales and frankly it’s not fair to the sellers to pay for all the charges put on by USPS AND PayPal.

If buyers want delivery confirmation AND insurance, buyers will have to pay the difference for that.

An additional $2.60 for insurance and delivery confirmation is fair…



Modded HORI Tekken 5 10th Anniversary Special Edition Joysticks (3)
Looking for $70 each, includes shipping; insurance & delivery confirmation is extra

Each HORI Tekken 5 (American edition) joystick has the following modifications –
original faceplate art removed, metal faceplate button holes Dremeled to allow Sanwa or Seimitsu pushbuttons to be installed; metal faceplate spraypainted with Rustoleum to prevent corrosion;
Sanwa pushbuttons and JLF installed; original Hori PCB modified with Quick Disconnects, 0.110 or 0.187; terminal strip installed between JLF harness and PCB joystick wiring so that JLF can be easily removed and alternate joystick installed.
Different color schemes spray-painted onto stick bases… Navy blue + yellow, blue + white (frosted), and black bare case. Pictures will be up later today of cases plus currrent laminated art.

Black case modded Tekken 5 has two 24mm Seimitsu black buttons, PS-14-D plug-in model.

NOTE: Faceplate art for sale only! I am NOT selling the metal faceplates – just the artwork that was attached to it.
Mad Catz PS3 TE Round 1 faceplate art for sale
$7 with shipping included…

The image is a bit misleading… There’s no appreciable dust on the art and it has no prominent/noticeable scratches on it. So much for digital cameras!

Mad Catz PS3 TE Marvel Vs. Capcom (2) faceplate art for sale
$10 with shipping included…

Will consider selling art plates together for $14 if anyone is interested…

Hmmm…any pics of the seimitsu buttons? I might be interested!

Can you post some pictures of the tekken 5 sticks, including the inside (of just one if they are all the same inside)?


Pics are posted…

T5 Interiors pics added below.

Typical T5 mod interior and then a close-up of the PCB.

2 of the cabinets had an additional hole drilled in back for dual-system mods…

Also added Mad Catz faceplate art to the list for sale…

PM sent


To anybody interested in the MC art –

It’s just the original face art I’m selling, NOT the metal faceplate.

I’m not going to part with a piece of the case that I still need.

Seimitsu butttons have been sold! In the process of packing them and sending them to new owner via USPS!

Pm’d but never mind, didn’t see it was for art only :frowning:

seimitsu buttons received. Thanks.

Damn. If I had the money I’d cop that Fate Stay Night HRAP in a heartbeat. That’s sexy, man.

Y’all wouldn’t happen to be interested in trades for it, would ya? :smiley:

Sorry it took me so long to get back!

It’s been… that KIND of week. (The bad kind. The really, really frustratingly bad kind.)

Anyhow, as far as trades are concerned it depends on what you have to offer. I’m looking for certain color buttons, Seimitsu sticks with PCBs, and would do even trades with a certain kinds of older joystick… Of course, I’m not going to gype someone on MC TE’s or HRAP 3’s… I’m not going to pretend this modded stick is completely equal value to those sticks (in brand new condition) even though technically it has all the same parts. (Better buttons at any rate than a standard HRAP 3…)

I might take off the T5 modded stick listing in a week and just start selling parts off – button combinations, sticks by themselves, the metal faceplates, etc. I’m not getting much in the way of feelers here and I think I might actually make more money that way!

Anyhow, blast me a list of stuff you might be willing to trade for the Fate Stay Night stick and we’ll talk.

I’ll tell you ahead of time to be absolutely clear about — this is my modded Tekken 5 stick. It’s NOT the official Hori licensed Fate Stay Night Stick that technically wasn’t an HRAP, either. The licensed FSN stick, to my knowledge, was like the Arcana Heart sticks… It had a JLF but otherwise Hori pushbuttons soldered into a Hori PCB. I’ve seen one picture of the FSN licensed stick and that’s it. It’s very hard to find any information about it. It was released the same year as the fighting game in Japan and since the anime was still relatively popular (in Japan) that’s why it’s next-to-impossible to find in the States…

My T5 FNS mod has artwork I sourced from the Net and modified with custom lettering in PhotoShop. I was going to get a permanent Art Hong plexi for this but never got around to it (money issues) but I did print off another copy of the artwork which I cut the button and joystick holes for… I’ll ship the new copy art with the stick IF I work out a deal for the joystick.

The T5 stick PCB I reckon is easier to mod than most licensed sticks. I went through modding two Arcana Heart 2 sticks and managed to ruin the second AH2’s PCB. Eventually replaced that PCB with an MC Cthulu.

I prefer to keep the stock Hori PCB’s for the PS2-generation sticks. They’re still more compatible than anything else with the PS2 and work very well with USB adaptors on the PS3.

Bump for minor edits and price cuts…

PM sent for both pieces of TE artwork.

Newbie here and I can’t PM yet apparently…

Are the tekken 5 ps2 joysticks still available? I’m interested in the spirit and/or the darkstalkers one. What payment methods to do you use? Please PM with details I’m very interested.

PM sent about joysticks…

Bump for update on the status of the joysticks…

People have asked but nobody’s committed to buying a stick. I will probably disassemble the major parts of the sticks and sell them off piece-by-piece starting Wednesday afternoon/evening as soon as I get back from school.

I’ll have spare parts galore and sections of HRAP base and faceplates to sell…

It might be easier at this point in time to sell off these things by section/parts than as a whole unit. I’m getting the impression most people are looking for smaller parts instead of whole sticks now.

I was originally going to disassemble the sticks for Tuesday but decided to back off a bit and leave them intact until Wednesday for possible last-minute changes of mind…

pm’ing you about sticks right now.

Payment sent for the 2 pieces of TE artwork.