FS: JVC X'Eye (Genesis/CD combo), Genesis and Sega CD Games

Hey guys, I’m going to be selling off my JVC X’Eye and all my Genesis and Sega CD games. If you don’t know what the X’Eye is, it is a system that plays both Sega Genesis carts as well as Sega CD games. All games are complete unless otherwise noted.

All prices include shipping within the US. I prefer PayPal.

JVC X’Eye Bundle - $70
System, 2 controllers, video hookups, and power cord (no box/instructions)
Gunstar Heroes
Robocop Versus Terminator
ATP Tour
Madden 92
World Series Baseball (cart only)
Phantasy Star IV (cart only)
Rage in the Cage
Jeopardy (CD only)

Sega CD Games
Snatcher - TBD (I know this is very rare but I don’t know the value yet)
CD Backup RAM Cart - 35
Final Fight (no box) - 25
Earthworm Jim Special Edition - 20
Panic! - 20
Trivial Pursuit - 20

Of course the more games you buy, you’ll get a discount. Also, if you think some of the prices are crazy, let me know, but I think most of them are pretty good.

If you have any questions, post up or shoot me a PM.

EDIT: I will have pics of everything tomorrow. Just too tired to do it now.