FS: Kaytrim Kustom Stick ~Price Drop~

so i bought this a while ago from kaytrim. its a great stick. has a LS-32-01 and Sanwa Buttons. Vewlix button layout. i got a new stick a while ago so i stopped using it.

there are some weird circle marks on the plexi which i will try to get off before i ship but i cant promise they will come off.

looking to get 200$ Shipped. PM me if you are interested. i can work with you on the price if needed. Also willing to accept trades.

Edit: Stick is for 360. forgot to mention it :rofl:
Edit Again: added pics.
Edit Again Again: Payment must be sent with a verified paypal address. if you do not have one you can money order it to me.

forgot to mention… those are not up to date pics so if you want current condition pics i will take them on request…

would you be willing to sell the case and possibly pcb separately?

would you be willing to accept it as a full stick but give me a LS-32 and buttons in return? in a different color… :rofl: id take that if u will accept :china:

id be willing to take that trade if we talk about prices a little…

hmm… back up for sale.

Trades i am willing to take.
Money+stick/Buttons -> my stick
money -> stick

price is 200$ shipped. or 150+parts. prices are negotiable.

im looking for an ipod right now… so i would be willing to trade the stick for ipod+money.

ninja edit: grrr didnt mean to bump =\ shouldnt try to update a thread when ur half awake.


190$ shipped :wgrin:

180$ shipped. - off hold.

hi, how about trade this with my 8gb iPod silver nano? I bought it last month and the ipod is rarely used and Im going to sell this on Ebay anyway. Im selling it because Im getting an iPhone. send me a PM if this is OK for you. Send me the current cond. pics if you can. Thank you

back up for sale.

170$ shipped.

165$ shipped.

bump. =\