FS Kaytrim Stick PC/PS3

just got the stick from dizolit 3 days ago looking to sell to buy racing wheel for GT5.
paid $150 looking to sell for $135 shipped 48 states.

"A custom PS3/PC Arcade Stick I made a while back for Street Fighter 4. I haven’t played a fighting game in ages and have moved back to FPS.

Kaytrim Curly Maple Case
Toodles Cthulu PC/PS3 Controller Board
Seimitsu PS-14-KN White Translucent Screw-in Buttons
Custom Made LED button activation board + LEDs hot glued to buttons
Sanwa JLF Joystick with octo-gate and green balltop
Square gate for Sanwa JLF
Bat top for Sanwa JLF"
15' USB cable

As a bonus, I will throw in the Ryu collectible figure from SF4 collector's edition.

Some issues with it:
-The wiring is a jungle on the inside
-The original stands for the screws on the bottom stripped out easily (apparently you can screw too far with Kaytrim's cases), I fixed it by hot gluing the holes as a temporary solution
-I don't think there would be enough room on the inside to dual mod it with the amount of space the cthlulu+led board+wires take up

Otherwise it works perfectly."

lower to $135 shipped

how much use on it?

i only used it for 5-10 time worth

final price $120 shipped 48 states !!!