FS: Kaytrim's Kustoms Sticks and Tops **** Shop closed


[/INDENT]Please read the below information and send your price requests and/or orders to my email address. **kaytrimskustoms@gmail.com**

There are a few pics of the current sticks below. Progress will be noted in this post. More pics can be seen at my photobucket site. http://s228.photobucket.com/albums/ee314/KaytrimsKustoms/1_Finished_Projects/

Here is my feedback thread. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=141931

The prices below are for guidance and are subject to change.

Blank MDF boxes ~$110 plus shipping
Blank Hardwood boxes $130+ plus shipping
Shipping runs $15 average for US destinations $35+ for international destinations

I can install Sanwa or Semitsu parts, your choice
Completed Boxes will vary depending on prices of parts wanted
Pad hack prices will vary depending on the availability of parts and the complexity of the pad. I can hack Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Playstation 1,2 & 3, XBox and XBox360 and PC. Other pads may be doable.

Multiple systems in one case are limited to two though I prefer to do single system cases.

I don’t do artwork unless it is simple, there are plenty of talented people around that can do a much better job then I can.

**IMPORTANT **Please do all communication through my email. **kaytrimskustoms@gmail.com**
Payment is 100% up front and via PayPal only. No custom stick will be started until payment is made. I will have pre-made sticks up for sale from time to time.

Information needed for price quote:

  1. Style of stick you want, if you don’t see a style you like in my previous builds show me an example of what you want and I’ll see what I can do.
  2. Type of wood, Painted MDF or Hardwood.
  3. Controls wanted with Manufacturer, Quantity and Size of buttons, and model of joystick.
  4. Type of Console you plan on using with your stick.
  5. Your SRK username
  6. Your shipping address, zipcode or country will be enough for shipping estimate.

Information needed for build:

  1. All above information
  2. Button layout desired
  3. Color choice of controls
  4. Color choice for box, if painted MDF. Hardwood will get stain and lacquer/polyurethane or just lacquer/polyurethane.
  5. Artwork
  6. Full shipping address

**Current orders:


**in progress

Compleated Commissioned Sticks:
vercimber, Japanese parts, Radiant Silvergun artwork, Sega Saturn pad
WhiteFro1306, Japanese parts, GroovyGameGear PC interface and LEDs, Akuma artwork
ArcadeFever(BYOAC), Japanese parts, Website Artwork, no pad.
Chomite, Japanese parts, PS1 Dualshock pad, Artwork supplied by Chomite
SNAAKE (BYOAC), Yellowheart blank box, with Seimitsu LS-32-01
Private build, Dymondwood, fully modified Seimitsu clear buttons, hand turned ball top and dust cover
Royc, Purple case, Seimitsu LS-32 joystick, Sanwa buttons, PSX Dualshock pad, Mushihimesama artwork
ffoxxttrott, ‘Full Monty’ Tiger Maple case with Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu buttons. PSX pad.
Slide, Curly Koa, XBox 360 pad with Sanwa JLF and buttons
Compleated Premade sticks for sale:
SOLD, Premade Lacewood box, PC setup.
SOLD, Premade Gold box, XBox360 pad.

Handmade Joystick Tops, Dust Covers and Shaft Covers now available.
These custom parts are carved from blocks of real wood as close to Sanwa tops as humanly possible using a lathe and calapers. Each piece is then treated with a hard polymer and polished to a high shine. Each Joystick Top has a brass insert installed and will fit the following joysticks.

Sanwa JLF Series
Sanwa JLW-TM-8
Seimitsu LS-32 Series
Hori sticks
Any stick with a M6X1.0 thread

These will **not **fit the Sanwa JLW-UM-8

Styles available are the Sanwa ball LB-35 and bat LB-30-N

Price are as follows and do not include shipping
$10 for a Ball or Bat top
$20 for a top and dust cover
$25 for a set, top, dust cover & shaft cover.

IMPORTANT [COLOR=Yellow]Due to differences in shaft thicknesses between Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu LS-32 sticks please tell me which joystick you are using for the dust and shaft covers.[/COLOR]

I can also make the tops out of most special woods you may have. I would need two blocks of the wood you want done. One would be a backup in case the first one failed. Send me an email to discuss the particulars of your order. Here are the dimensions that are required for the blocks.

Ball top: cube 1 1/2" on a side.
Bat top: 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" by 2 1/4"
Shaft cover: 3/4" by 3/4" by 3"
Dust cover: 3" square 1/4" thick

Special sets and materials will be offered on occasion at a higher price.

Below are some samples, other woods are available.

Yellow Cedar next to a Sanwa LB-35

Yellowheart Set, Bat top, Dust cover and Shaft cover

Yellowheart and Spalted Maple next to a Sanwa LB-30-N

Dymondwood Balltop

Compleated Comissioned sticks

Pices of a few of my recent commissioned sticks.

Radient Silvergun for vercimber


Akuma for WhiteFro










Rob C (from shumps.com)
Seimitsu LS-32 joystick
Sanwa buttons
PSX Dualshock pad
Mushihimesama artwork





Last of the Dymondwood cases
Sanwa JLF
Seimitsu Buttons
PSX Dualshock pad






Simi-blank case for Snaaake
Seimitsu LS-32
Yellowheart wood




ask to be added here

good luck :tup:

Current Item(s) for sale.

More images can be found in my photobucket site.

Blanka Stick
Sanwa JLF and buttons
Price $165 Logo in pic has been removed.

Lacewood Box
Sanwa JLF with hand turned top
Seimitsu buttons

Gold Box
Sanwa JLF
Seimitsu Buttons


those are comin up pretty nice good luck :rofl:

different design from everyone else. looks good. :tup:

Thats pretty funky, can’t wait to see the finished stick!

It kinda looks like one of those minature hershey chocolate pieces. Mmmm special dark :9

I guess I could paint one for you a dark choloate brown.:rofl:

Not bad.

with gold sides and the hershey label for artwork? XD that’d be the most amusing stick since the heineken and cobert sticks I saw on this forum.

Funny thing is that might get my oldest daughter interested in gaming. She is a chocoholic. :looney:

I do have some gold leaf sitting doing nothing it might be an interesting project. Do you want me to make one like that for you? :wgrin: I have silver leaf as well. I might even be able to paint the controls a chocolate brown.


Haha, nah that’s cool man. I can make my own sticks. I don’t like your design anyways, too fat for me.

Painting Begins

Well got the first coat of primer on last night. Sorry no pics at this point. I’m going to wait until I get the final coat on before I post any pics at this stage. I do have an announcement though. Follow this link for more information.


Cool site! So I presume thats you in the pics? or is that Mellisa? :rofl:,

I may just hit ya up on some cool carvings ;). or Melissa does that?

Sorry Narcotics X_X. Ill come back when I can thought process ;).

Melissa does the carvings. I do the custom sticks. These carvings are optional on my sticks. She and her husband, Jason sell her Arcade related carvings through Amazon now. Take a look at her site and you can see most of the stuff she has carved over the last year or so.


p.s. Here is my ugly mug next to my dad after delivery of his father’s day present, my first full arcade build.


Thats really cool, love the picture, your dad seems so enthusiastic, as well as yourself, its pictures like that, that inspire, me and others to build our own arcades. Alrighty, I am going back to sleep again, woke up to take care of some business, darn you phone! I am shutting you off again, but leaving for lala land again. Thanks for well wishes.