FS: King of Fighters Best Collection SS


I’m selling the japanese saturn version of KOF Best collection. This includes KOF 95, 96 and 97. Inside the box, there is a dual cd case for KOF 96 and 97, and 95 has its own smaller box containing the RAM cart needed to play.

The Box is in good shape with the original plastic wrap around it, though I did take the games out to test them and check them out a few years ago. I opened it again today and the games look unplayed and in good shape.

I checked prices on eBay, but I don’t think anyone is spending 79 dollars on this, so I’ll say 30 bucks plus 8 dollars shipping.

(or the best offer)
I’ll be shipping from Florida to anywhere in North America, anywhere else please PM me.


Just a bump cuz I lowered the price.


ok 20 bucks. I’ll put it on ebay this weekend if nobody wants it.


are there any scratches on these? j/c


no, they are all in good shape. I’d say mint, but I opened the box and played each one to test them way back when I got them. I still have the fold up shrink wrap on it though.