FS: King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A (PS2 import)

US buyers only. I accept Paypal and all items include shipping.

Tekken 5 Anniversary Playstation 2 Hori stick - SOLD

  • Stick is unmodded and fully functional. Some of the art is missing around the stick (Jin). Includes the packaging box as well. Works well with the Pelican and InPin PS3 controller converters.

King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A - $28 Shipped

  • PS2 import, disc has no scratches.

The King of Fighters XIII Pre-order Bonus: The King of Soundtracks '94-XIII (4-CD’s & Unopened) - SOLD

Note: The KOFXIII Arcadia Japanese Guide & KOFXIII Original Soundtrack are not for sale. They are just pictured with the King of Soundtracks '94-XIII.

Are you the same guy I bought KoF 2002 UM TE and KoF 98 and 99 on Dreamcast from? If so great seller right here.

Prices lowered.

Ill buy the t5 stick for $35 if your intrested

Lowered price on stick.

Added the KOFXIII Bonus 4-CD Soundtrack

Pm send.

Convo started for T5 stick. My PayPal account would be happy to send money your way.

KOF MIRA is still available.

^ cant remember if i have this one or not, pic of back of case?

lol hahah yes the 3d one, nah im good. thank you for your time though