FS: Korean Parts

Hey guys, I just got back from Korea and bought a good deal of Korean parts. 90% of them went to those individuals who actually preordered them from me. I have a few spares that I bought that I’d thought I’d sell to those of you who didn’t have a chance to preorder.

I accept PayPal and USPS money order. Shipping for one joystick via USPS Priority Mail will be $5. If you buy a lot obviously shipping goes down a bit.

2 Green Myoungshin Fanta Joysticks ($30 shipped each)


8 Red Crown Screw-In Buttons ($25 shipped)



bump for great justice

Hi Paik :slight_smile:

Are these still avail?

Sorry guys! I have been a bit busy and haven’t been keeping up. I made a mistake on one preorder by mistakenly giving them a green Fanta instead of a red one. Thus I have to edit the first post because I don’t have a red Fanta to create a red set : (

Pictures are up but some of the colors aren’t coming out right since I am taking the pics at night inside with a flash. No one has bought anything yet so everything is up for grabs right now.


hey paik, when did you ship out my preorder?

Just to update, chipper got his parts today and the green set of parts is sold.


Hey Paik, what’s the difference between a TaeYoung Fanta stick and a Myoungshin Fanta stick? I’m interested in buying a Korean stick from you but want to hear your opinion on both sticks…

if you check paik’s thread on this in the tech talk forum, laugh describes the difference in detail. But basically, they are the exact same stick except the TaeYoung has MUCH harder rubber inside so it’s sorta analagous to p360 if the myoungw/e ones are analagous to supers. Apparantly the top korean tekken players all use Taeyoung

I just got my taeyoung today, it’s great, I’m loving it. It has a really short throw and it feel very precise and accurate. The rubber cushions the movements more. It doesn’t feel “difficult” to use either despite the tough spring. Using the p360 on the other hand took me a long time to get use to.

The myoungshin ones are also great. They are VERY loose and you can easily trigger the stick just by holding the base and swinging it back and forth and allowing the inertia of the battop to move the stick around. It’s much softer than even sanwas and seimitsus. This is pretty much impossible to do with the taeyoungs. The myoungshin I guess you could say provides a lot of freedom.

It’s kinda though to figure out which you’ll like better. just a really bad generalization here, but if you prefer japanese parts, go for the myoungshin and if you like american parts, go for taeyoung. Although, I’m actually fond of japanese parts myself but I’ll probably end up trying my taeyoung first once I build a case for it. It’s not a good idea to compare these to japanese/american parts beacuse they all use springs. The rubber really makes a difference.

I gotta show my stuff off :).


And I swear, the buttons are the greatest things ever.

Chipper did a pretty good summary. Taeyoung rubber will wear in and become very loose (which is how the Koreans like it) but it takes a long time.

Here’s a link to the Tech Talk Thread:

laugh’s post is #12 and goes into pretty good detail. As far as my opinion goes…well I’m not really a fan of Korean parts. I’ll be a Jap parts player for life…and more specifically Sanwa. But I have my own collection of Korean parts that will be put to use eventually… : )


henry these sticks still available? hit me on aim when you get a chance…

1 TaeYoung and blue set are on hold!


Only red buttons and 2 of both TaeYoung and MyoungShin left.


I’ve played with both kinds of fantas.

If you’re planning on using it for street fighter, you want the taeyoung stick (old fanta). It will take a LONG time to break in, but I think most sf players would want it more tight anyway.

If for some reason you think you want the myongshin (new fanta), you are better off getting a sanwa instead. The new fanta will be so loose over time that you will lose control. You start missing easy stuff like fierce, strong dp sa3 with ken for punishment. Simple things like doing repeated fireballs for fireball traps in old street fighter is hard too. I think laugh would say he likes the new fantas more for sf which is weird to me.

For tekken, most people like the taeyoung one too, but I prefer the new fanta because it’s already loose. Either korean stick is usually better than japanese stick for tekken.


paik, still have any taeyoung sticks??

Yeah I do. I have 2 myoungshin and 2 taeyoung left.


Right on. I will take one taeyoung…the one you consider to have more consistent diagonals and inputs, if at all possible.

They are very stiff, correct? I have a taeyoung that started out quite loose already…I’d rather break a new one in from the start to personalize it in a sense.

PM me some instructions to purchase if I can’t find any here on the forum.

edit: found the instructions. So does $5 priority mail mean that the stick is $5 on top of the $30 shipped price, or just $30 total?

can taeyoung be modded easily (i.e. without metal work) for t5 stick?

No, to mod the T5 stick with a Korea stick you will need to widen the hole in the top panel to allow for the black collar to fit. There is more to it than that to make sure it mounts at the correct height, but that’s probably all the info you need.

All TaeYoung are sold!!! Only 2 Myoung Shin and one set of red buttons left!!!