FS:Korg MicroKorg


Hi SRK’ers Ive recently recieved a korg Microkorg for a late X-mas gift (incredibly late) and I already have one…so I have a Brand NEW MicroKorg (never opened…in original packaging) and I know that there are a few DJ’s out there…so this might come in handy for a new sound to add to your music!!!:wgrin:

Specs for the machine can be located here…http://www.korg.com/gear/info.asp?A_PROD_NO=microKORG

Since the item is brand new I will sell it to SRK’ers for $300+shipping

If knowone is interested, I will probably get this up on ebay…

I will post pics tonight of my “opened and used one” and “The new boxed one”

I have the reciept if you are concerned of its value.

Thank you,



couldn’t you have put this up BEFORE my computer crashed? I would have bought that, but i already started buying computer stuff.


I have one of these, excellent keyboard.

375 is a deal for a brand new one. Someone should swoop this :smiley:


I might be willing to hold it for you if you would still be interested in a week or 2…

Pics will be up tonight!!!


no gots the money. i’m trying to save for college + vacation this summer. i had exactly $700 excess, and it all went to computer stuff.



the new one:



damn some one better get on this fast


now on craigslist…and lowered to $350 for SRK’ers




I need to let this go…so im going to let it go fo as cheap as possible…or it might have to go to the pawn shop…lol