FS: Large binder of M:tG Cards

I’m trying to sell of the rest of my Magic: The Gathering cards. $65 shipped for the binder w/ pages, most of the cards are in good to excellent condition, some of the older ones are more worn from play.

I don’t want to sell these individually, hence the great price.

Complete list:

Remove Soul x2
Glyph of Doom
Deep Spawn
Ebon Praetor x2
Dwarven Hold
Caribou Range
Order of the White Shield
Seraph x2
Counterspell x2 (Ice Age)
Sea Spirit
Thunder Wall
Knight of Stromgald
Kovikan Vampire
Incinerate x3 (Ice Age)
Flame spirit
Diabolic Vision x5
Essence Vortex
Spectral Shield
Malachite Talisman
Rashka the Destructor (Spanish)
Black Carriage
Ghost Hounds
Arcane Denial x4
Lat-Nam’s Legacy
Death Spark
Deadly Insect
Ashnod’s Cylix
Sol Grail
Melesse Spirit
Dissipate x2
Mist Dragon
Prismatic Lace x2
Kaervek’s Torch x3
Bad River
Eye of Singularity
Longbow Archer x1 (Visions)
Dream Tides
Impulse x3
Prosperity x3
Shimmering Efreet x2
Crypt Rats
Guiding Spirit
Angelic Protector
Flickering Ward x4
Counterspell x2 (Tempest)
Thalakos Dreamsower x2
Dauthi Embrace
Dracoplasm x4
Selenia, Dark Angel
Altar of Dementia
Ghost Town
Dream Halls
Reins of Power x4
Mana Breach x3
Treasure Trove
Opal Archangel
Planar Void
Tainted Aether x3
Vile Requiem
Acidic Soil
Argothian Elder x4
Thran Weaponry
Urza’s Blueprints x2
Hope and Glory
Braidwood Sextant
Rain of Tears x3
Crumbling Sanctuary x2
Chieftan en-Dal
Ensnare x4
Stronghold Zeppelin
Flint Golem x3
Avatar of Hope
Glittering Lion
Jeweled Spirit
Reveille Squad x2
Foil x4
Mana Vapors
Rhystic Scrying
Chilling Apparition
Enbringer’s Revel
Noxious Field
Rhystic Tutor
Vintara Snapper
Wing Storm
Copper-Leaf Angel
Manipulate Fate x2
Zanam Djinn
Salt Marsh
Voice of All x4
Exotic Disease
Nightscape Familiar x4
Star Compas
Dromar’s Cavern
Reef Shaman (Foil)
Desolation Angel x3
Illuminate x2
Lightning Angel
Blessed Orator x3
Confessor (Foil)
Karmic Justice
Nomad Decoy
Resilient Wanderer
Sphere of Law
Sphere or Reason
Tattoo Ward
Testament of Faith
Wayward Angel x2
Aura Graft
Aven Smokeweaver
Cephalid Broker x5
Cephalid Retainer
Chamber of Manipulation
Cultural Exchange
LAquatus’s Creativty
Puppeteer x2
Think Tank x4
Treetop Sentinel
Buried Alive x2
Caustic Tar
Painbringer x3
Acceptable Losses (foil)
Demolish x2
Kamahl’s Desire (foil)
Liquid Fire
Savage Firecat
Volcanic Spray
Crashing Centaur
Howling Gale x3
Nimble Mongoose
Vivify x3 (one foil)
Wild Mongrel
Iridescent Angel
Shadowmage Infilitrator
Millikin x4 (one foil)
Mossfire Egg
Skycloud Egg
Cabal Pit
Cephalid Coliseum
Deserted Temple
Nomad Stadium
Equal Treatment
Stern Judge
Balshan Collaborator x4
Breakthrough xx3
Ceaphalid Illusionist x2
Cephalid Vandal
Compulsion x2
False Memories x2
Hydromorph Gull
Possessed Aven x3
Stupefying Touch
Chainer’s Edict x4
Grotesque Hybrid x2
Mind Sludge
Sickening Dreams
Slithery Stalker
Flaming Gambit
PArdic Arsonist (foil)
Pardic Collaborator
Pitchstone Wall x2
Possessed Barbarian
Violent Eruption
Anurid Scavenger
Centaur Veteran (Foil)
Dwell on the Past
Narcissism x2
Tainted Isle x6
Tainted Field
Laquatus’ Disdain
Wormfang Behemoth
Astral Slide (foil)
Aura Extraction
Crowd Favorites
Sunfire Balm
Aphettor Alchemist
Aven Fateshaper x2
Fleeting Aven
Ghosthelm Courier
Imagecrafter (foil)
Mistform Mutant x4
Mistform Shrieker x2
Mistofrm Skyreaver
Mistform Stalker x3
Nameless One x3
Peer PRessure x3
Riptide Chronologist
Riptide Shapeshifter
Anurid Murkdiver (foil)
Aphetto Vulture
Boneknitter x2
Cabal Archon
Cabal Slaver x2
Endemic Plague x2
Feeding Frenzy x2
Frightshroud Courier x2
Gluttonous Zombie
Soulles One x2
Walking Desecration
Withering Hex
Commando Raid
Goblin Machinist x2
Searing Flesh
Shaleskin Bruiser
Slicea nd Dice
Animal Magnetism
Overwhelming Instinct
Serpentine Basilisk x2
Slate of Ancestry x2
Riptide Laboratory x2
Crookclaw Elder
Primoc Escapee
Graveborn Muse
Zombie Brute
Frenetic Raptopr x2
Daru Warchief
Exiled Doomsayer
Reward the Faithful
Wing Shards
Decree of Silence
Faces of the Past
Long-term Plans
Mistform Warchief x4
Parallel Thoughts x4
Pemmin’s Aura x4
Thundercloud Elemental
Bladewing’s Thrall
Chill Haunting
Zombie Cutthroat (Foil)
Carbonize x4
Dragonspeaker Shaman
Grip of Chaos
Korsan Warchief
Wirewood Symbiote
Ark of Blight
Temple of the False God
Luminous Angel
Fallen Angel (Beatdown)
Resurrection x3
Wall of Swords x2
Phantom Monster x4
White Knight
Clone x2
Counterspell x2
Wall of Water x2
Unholy Strength x4
Sedge Troll x2
Black Vise
Mishra’s War Machine
Circle of Protection: Artifacts
Divine Transformation
Land Tax
Serra Angel
Tunrda Wolves x2
Drain Power x2
Mahamoti Djinn
Zombie Master
Dragon Whelp
Sisters of the Flame
Craw Giant
Living Artifact
Living Lands
Wall of Brambles
Black Vise xx3
Brass Man
Glasses of Urza x2
Ivory Cup x2
Library of Leng x4
Tawnos’s Weaponry
Wooden Sphere
Abu Ja’far
Blood of the Martyr
Remove Soul x2
Fallen Angel
Tormod’s Crypt x2
Urza’s Mine x2
Urza’s Power Plant x2
Urza’s Tower x2