FS: Lazeeya Custom Xbox 360 Stick

Looking to sell my custom Arcade Stick, it was made by Lazeeya back in May.

It has a JLF stick, Octogate, Seimitsu 32 Spring, and 8 JLf 30mm buttons. Also dedicated Select, Home and Start buttons on the side (in yellow)

Pic below:

Im based in the UK, looking for 150 or $235 to the US

If it had a “lemme scam you” button on it I’d buy it…

Honestly, nice ass stick, hope it sells well.

Did Lazeeya never pull through with his other orders?

Nope, he still has a shit-load of peoples money, thankfully, I never ordered from him…

Police are getting involved though thankfully.

The few sticks he did make looked good, which is unfortunate.

I was actually in the last batch that he actually sent out. Its an awesome stick, but just need to make some money due to a shabby situation.

Open to US buyers.

BUMPIDY BUMP…will take offers.