FS LE Blazblue for PS3

I have LE Blazblue in like new condition for the PS3. Used for about 2 hours total and comes with everything including bonus discs, inserts and original box. Please post here or PM me if you have any questions. Thanks

$45 plus shipping

i can buy that off u. thanks pm back

If meus doesn’t get this, I’d love to take it off of your hands.

is this sold?

Damnit! I’m late =(. Count me in as well =P

No not sold yet but meus got first dibs. If it doesn’t fall through then I’ll go down the list. Thanks guys.

totally not happening for me

Since I got on this train late, I guess I have to take the backseat on this one. But, if the front of the train crashes, at least I’m still safe here in the back! :lol:

SePhoBroth, gimme a holler of the 6 guys in front of me decide to drop. I doubt it’ll happen, but hey, you just never know.

Hey, if for some reason everyone above me is involved in a “final destination” style death, then put me next.

Edit-Now your in front of me… :razz:


…put me down for 8th seed

I’ll form the ears! I Guess that puts me at 9th…

u guys are driving me nuts , OP had this game for sale last week. When i posted saying i wanted to buy this game u guys come in like crazy after. Now there is 10 ppl who wants to buy this game. lol there was other seller selling the same games for ps3 45 shipped nobody want it. in the end the seller put the item on ebay and it sold quick for 45. i had missed that time to buy. But this time i will get it and there is more ppl now that want this game for ps3. :blush::smokin:

LOL Everybody, join the sausage fest…

I’d form that certain part but I’m broke ._.

lol u know u want the game join the group.

sweet! it’d be funny if the rest of the train broke down and the only one in line is me, the dude who doesn’t have money xD

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

I don’t even have a PS3 and I want it