FS: Lefty's Zelda stick (it lights up! :D) and Xbox 360 Slim (250GBHDD)

Hey guys! Trying to sell these precious babies off. I recently got a guitar amp and well, gotta pay for it somehow. xD Without further ado, pictures!

I swapped out the JLW (up wasn’t working anymore xD) for a JLF from a TE. Tightened the spring so the stick doesn’t go flying everywhere. Not too stiff, but not too loose. Just right, IMHO. B) Lights up, dual-modded, works like a charm. Awesome art. I got it from a previous seller here on SRK but it’s not beat up, I took care of it and so did the original owner. It’ll come with the original JLW (not picture but I have it) and the steel battop w/ sanwa adapter.

I think $170 + shipping is fair. No trades, guys, sorry. Cash only. =( I recommend local buyers (if you’re in the NYC area) to contact me, meeting up in the city is a lot easier than shipping for me. xD

Next up! Everything you see in the picture.

Xbox 360 Slim w/ 250 GB HDD. Throwing in SSF4 and MVC3 with an HDMI cable. Has no controller because I got none when I bought it (I agreed to those terms).

Asking for $225 + shipping. Again, local buyers. come hither. :smiley:

Thanks for looking!

I am intrested in the stick, Ill meet u under the brooklyn bridge at 0200 hours

y u troll wicho xD

LoL Well if nobody picks up that Fight Stick Im taking it next check hopefully

That stick, plus my B15 I have right now, are the best sticks I’ve ever owned. If I had the money, I’d buy it back without second guessing it. I miss that bad boy.

Wow, the man himself! Thank you for your imput. bows Your B15 stick looks gorgeous, btw. How much did that run you? o.O;

I’m too embarrassed to answer that. My main problem with that stick was having one person make the stick and a seperate person wire it. I also had to pay shipping everywhere it went. Long story short, I paid a LOT of money for it. Next time, I’ll just have B15 do everything.

BTW- Gummowned wired that Zelda stick for me and it is still the most accurate wiring job I ever had. Yes-- even now and yes, even more than my B15!