FS: Lots of Magic cards cheap

I have not played MTG in quite some time and I am trying to dump all my cards. Prices are for singles unless noted. All prices are OBO. If something is not listed feel free to email me and ask if I have it. Prices do not include freight since freight depends on how much you buy.

Sol ring 8
Demonic Tutor 4
Nevinyrrals Disk 3
Strip Mine (antiquities) 4 not the best condition
Stifle 5
Will-O’-The-Wisp 2
Stasis 5 for a full playset
Wrath of God 10 8th edition
Lightning Bolt 8 for a full playset
Arcbound Ravager 11
Glimmervoid 5
Solemn Simulacrum 2
Viridian Zealot 6 for a playset
Molder Slug 2 for a playset
Oxidize 2 (I have 3, I will throw in the 4th if I find it)
Phyrexian Arena (Apocalypse) 2
Plow Under (Urza’s Destiny) 2
Silvos, Rogue Elemental 3
Howling Mine 15 for a playset
Millstone 4 a playset
Coat of Arms 4
Isochron Scepter 4
Icy Manipulator 1
Writhered Wretch (legions) 3 a playset
Oversold Cemetery 6 a playset
Skullclamp $2 for 3
Ravenous Baloth 11 a playset
Birds of Paradise 8-11 Depending on set
City of Brass 3

Don’t feel like typing out foils, but basically most of mirrodin/darksteel.
I have sold lots of stuff already, stuff is going quick, I will sell cheap, just email.
I have pretty much every rare from Mirrodin or Darksteel. Email me what you would like.
A decent amount of Onslaught rares as well. Email me anything you are interested in.

Also have things like:
Italian(?) Mesmoric Orb Globo Mesmerico
Spanish Birds of Paradise Aves-do-paraiso

A few Mirage cards like Final Fortune

Tons of Onslaught lands
8th edition dual lands

Pics always available upon request.

Also i have boxes of commons/uncommons…

I should sell mine too (sorry didn’t mean to hijack your thread) I’ve got the power nine and tons of the older stuff, arabian nights and crap. Too lazy.

buy mine, then sell mine + yours as a bundle!!!

You know you want to…

actually i am selling mine to buy a bunch of UFS cards. Street fighter > elves and zombies

Can I get pics of the Sol rings?

sol rings all gone.

Still have chrom mox’s, archbound ravager, glimmervoids, city of brass, and tons of foils.

I see you are union city, would you want to check out my cards somewhere around there/fremont some time? i work in newark

the numbers next to them are the amount you have, or the price ?

ya, can you please specify prices, part of rules

Obviously the prices since some of them say for a full playset, and others he mentions how many he has.

He did. They’re the little numbers at the end of each item. Reading the post, it’s pretty obvious.

those are pretty cheap prices then

I’m guessing that’s the reason the thread is titled “Lots of Magic cards cheap”.

OP: Can you post pics of certain cards if requested? I don’t expect them to be new, but I’d like to be sure there’s no major damage prior to purchase.