FS: Mac laptops, iscan pro, 16GB touch, games, cmputer stuff

Paypal only. First come, first serve. Under no circumstance will I ship the computers outside of the 48 lower continential states of the US. I have positive feedback at Racketboy. I can PM you my 9 year 100% ebay feedback if you like.

iScan pro deinterlacer. $40 shipped, US.

Futari 360, region free. (no pic) $60 shipped, US

Complete with power adapter and 15pin to component adapter. Used for PS2 games that couldn’t be forced into 480p and 480i Gamecube titles. Worked with 240p via PS2 running Espgaluda.

Saturn RGB SCART cable. $13 shipped, US.

Sega Saturn USB controller for PC/Mac. $20 shipped, US.

My spare, only used it once to make sure it was working.

Deathsmiles faceplate, box, soundtrack CD. $17 shipped, US.


Black Macbook. 2 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 250GB drive. $550 shipped, US.

Original owner. Normal ware and tear. Brand new top case installed recently. Battery needs to be replaced. Speck of dirt behind LCD at the bottom. Nothing major but you will notice it.

Powerbook G4 Titanium 1GHZ, 1GB RAM, 160GB drive. $110 shipped, US.

Original owner. The hinge broke so I expertly mounted the screen on the back. Left on for a good week or two to make sure everything’s in order. Battery’s dead. Would make a nice little macmame station, back up internet computer, or repair project.

16 GB iPod Touch 1st Gen. $100 shipped, US.

I use this mostly as little computer at work, plugged in. The battery is decent, around 4 hours of Wi-Fi. Kept in my pocket without a protector, so there’s normal wear and tear, minor scratches. Only getting rid of this because I upgraded to an iPhone.

Samsung Blackjack 2 phone, At&t. $40 shipped, US.

With charger and headset. Some dirt behind LCD. Very good condition.

Griffin Powermate USB programmable controller. Mac or PC. $20 shipped, US. SOLD


Y-Mouse PS2 to USB adapter. $60 shipped, US.

Connect two PS2 devices to your Mac or PC.

PS3 games, complete. Demon’s souls $20, Uncharted $14, Tomb Raider Underworld $14, shipped, US.

Demon’s Souls is like new. The others are used gamestop titles in good condition, with store stickers, etc.

PS2 games, complete. Ico $25, Rez $20, shipped, US.

Rez is like new, black label, first production run. Ico is good.


PS2 games, Complete. Katamari Damancy $10, Metal Gear 3 Subsistence $14, shipped, US.

Katamari is like new. MGS3S is a used gamestop game in good condition, with stickers on the cover, residue, etc.


Gamecube games, complete, nice. $9 shipped each, US. Take the lot for $29 Kirby, Animal Crossing SOLD Other titles still available!


4 Gamcube games loose, lot. $12, shipped, US. SOLD

Metroid Prime 2 is a Demo disc.

Gameboy lot. Offical Nintendo DMG carrier bag, Paperboy, DMG light $13, shipped, US

Paprika DVD, Batman Arkam Asylum, $10 each, shipped, US. Batman SOLD

Batman like new, Paprika very good


Valis III Mega Drive complete $13, Speed Racer Blu-Ray $5, shipped, US


Clear G Series WiMax modem with power adapter $40, shipped, US.


Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal $25 shipped, US


damn, I missed out on Paprika.

how much would it cost to have the battery of the macbook replaced? it’s kinda tempting…

Paprika is available, it’s Batman that’s sold. They are not a lot!

I’ve seen Macbook batteries as low as $40 online. Apple batteries are $129. As far as I know li-po is li-po… Apple overcharges for almost everything…

Laptop Battery for Apple A1185 MacBook Pro 13 Series MA561G/A MA561LL/A White

Added futari for 360

PM sent. :chat:

will you ship the ds-1 to canada?