FS: Mad Catz SE stick Parts, Dreamcast Green Goblin Buttons

i just got done modding an new SE and 2 Green Goblin sticks. i will never use the dremel tool again! UNIBIT people…AKA, step bit!

i have the white buttons and stick from the SE and all the buttons from the green goblin sticks. i swapped the connectors of the SE and JLF since the madcatz one holds better with the cable harness in the stick. so the madcatz SE stick will have a nice tight fit with a JLF harness. also, the green dreamcast buttons are not 30mm. i think they are 28 but im not sure. just be aware that they will be a bit small in a normal 30mm hold for a sanwa button.

$15 for the SE parts shipped to us, $20 canada

$5 for Green goblin buttons to us, $10 canada.

heres a pic of the JLF connector on the SE

price drop

price drop