FS: Mad Catz TE2 Fight Stick

I recently purchased this with the intention of getting back into competitive gaming. However it seems that’s just not a reality for me right now as I have too much on my plate and not enough time to game.

The stick works on PS3 and PS4 and has only minimal scuffs from normal use and has been taken care of and used in a smoke free home. This is in my opinion the best fight stick you can currently buy. Everything is easily accessible inside, it has easily replaceable art work on face, comes with a tool for any “on the fly” changes needed as well as internal storage for extra buttons and a detachable cord for easy storage without worrying about damaging the cable.

$150 plus shipping



Buy with confidence I have perfect HEAT at 146-0

Price drop to $160 + shipping

Price drop to $150 + shipping

Awesome price! Wish I wasn’t broke =(

Thanks :slight_smile:


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stick is sold, thanks