FS: MadCatz EVO FightStick (PS3)


I’m selling my MadCatz EVO FightStick (PS3), which I bought earlier this year. The stick was taken out of the box and tested for a few minutes. I’d like to sell for $200 shipped. Box is still in great condition and will be shipped with bubble wrap. Shipping via UPS, tracking number will be provided.



You know they are still selling these right? Cheaper to buy new, direct from gamesharkstore.


Weren’t there only 500 of these made? You’d think they’d all be sold by now.


Oh weird. I’m just trying to make my money back to be honest. Paypal fees, tax, and shipping. I’ll take offers for anyone interested, otherwise I’ll just keep it.

So, in case anyone misunderstands: Shipping is included in the price.

EDIT: Screw it. I’m keeping the stick.