FS: Madcatz MLG Controller/Pad and Hori V3 SA Arcade Stick


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I’ve got these two things for sale, willing ship at YOUR expense.

PM me for quickest response.

**Hori V3 SA Fight Stick for PS3. **


$100 (they’re $130 new)


Next is the MLG Pad (this one’s for the 360)…Here’s a link to all the info. New, they’re $99 + shipping, mine is practically new. It would be great for your COD players. The D-Pad is a little too sensative for my liking the games that I play. I’ve got about 30-60 minutes of playing time on it. Still have the box and all.

$80 obo ($99 new)




OBO me.


PM’d about the MLG pad.


do you still have the hori v3 sa


Interested in the mlg pad if its still available, hows it for fighting games?


@ Jon, I have one already. The pad definitely feels solid and has more weight. The cable to beefy. The dpad is definitely better than the the stock 360 dpad, way better. The buttons feel a little springy though. It doesn’t affect precision, it’s just personal preference. It’s a great pad.


What ^^^ That guy said. I just don’t like it. It’s super solid though.

Stick is sold.