FS:Madcatz SE Fightstick Xbox 360 / Dazzle Dvc100 (boston area)

fightstick have 8 Sanwa buttons, Sanwa Octagonal Restrictor Plate, and added weights for stability.
stock square plate is available on request.
dazzle comes with original box, cd, and instruction.
im asking for $70 on the fightstick and $25 for the dazzle.
i don’t plan on doing any shipping, sorry for anyone who aren’t local
contact me on aim: iremybleu


oh snap thats nice

yo remy, lemme grab that dazzle from you.

Remy I’ll ask my friend if he wants to take the SE off your hands. He’s been looking for an SE/EX2 or some other cheap stick but idk if he’s up for spending the 20 bucks for Sanwas, cheap asshole :rofl:

dazzle is sold

joystick still up for grab