FS: Madcatz SF IV Tournament edition fightstick + SRK/EVO stick bag


I’m offering up my Madcatz SF IV TE edition(PS3) + SRK/EVO stick bag.

used the fightstick gently and seldomly for about a month, it’s in excellent condition.

you won’t find issues.

both the stick and the bag have never left the house. the Evo stick bag is practically new.
just used to store the stick after done playing and put back on the shelf.

I have the original box and papers for the fightstick as well.
basically you’ll get almost new stick.

I’m not hard on my sticks or buttons at all. soft touch player.

anyway, I don’t play SF IV anymore so I would like it to go to a home that can use it and appreciate it.

note: I will not separate the lot. thanks.

asking $125 shipped for the lot within US. edit: price reduction - $115 shipped within US.

payment via Paypal, no extra fees.

PM me if interested. Thanks.



If you do ever split the lot and decide to sell the bag separately, I’ll buy it.


I’ll be sure to let you know if I do… I would really like to sell them as a lot though since I won’t need the bag once the stick is gone and would need another bag to store the stick if the bag is gone… lol.

thanks for the interest. :slight_smile:

by the way, I’ve done trades here on the forum in the past. also have perfect ebay feedback with 238 positives.



good gawd, page 2 already. :eek: :smiley:

how about quick price reduction bump?

$115 shipped. thanks.


the lot is SOLD!

thank you! mods, please close thread. thanks.