FS: Madden 09 Collector's Editon - Xbox 360 $70 shipped

I would like to sell my mint/complete Madden 09 Collector’s Edition for the Xbox 360. This comes with Madden 09, NFL Head Coach 09, Madden 93, a bonus disc, instruction manuals, case, and protective sleeve. If you are interested or have any questions, please ask in this thread or send me a PM.


Lowered the price.

I’d be willing to do a cash + trade as well. I’m mainly interested in 360 games at the moment. If you have some games you’d like to trade either post or PM a list of games you have.

who would wnat to buy this piece of ea trash ?

just a note to potential buyer the game contains a “UNPATCHABLE GLITCH” that allows you to hike the ball directly to your WR’s an sprint up the field

ea have stated they are unablke to patch this due to it being a problem located to close to the core engine in the game an changing it could bring up new issues with other gameplay mechanics

so as you can imagine online play is ruined an cant be fixed

i was ranked 120 overall in madden 08 not bad for a sim balla , but this year the top 1000 is filled full of people who just run this GLITCH OVER AN OVER

no wonder this guy wants to offload it i ebayed mine the day after ea released that presss on the glitch

Damn man. Don’t hate on someones thread. Talk about trash.

Hell, some people actually don’t even play online, and get enjoyment out of playing vs. friends at home, or even vs. the CPU and may actually choose not to abuse the glitch.

My God. No one gives a damn about your rating and how it was ruined in this thread. Let the guy sell what he wants.

he can sell what he want but people need to be aware that the game is completely broken online , if they are buying it for online they may want to reconsider


enjoy another week off.

“WHY SO SERIOUS!?!?” -joker


On the contrary, the game gets great reviews from critics and players alike.