FS: Magic Box Converters (use of Saturn pads 4 Xbox) RARE

Selling one rare Magic Box converter for Xbox. Converts Saturn, PS2, and Dreamcast accessories to use on Xbox.

I’ve used Saturn pads, PS2 Saturn pads, HRAP2, Green Goblin, DC pads, regular PS2 pads, Hori Tekken 5 PS2 stick, and custom PS2 sticks just to name a few. I’m pretty sure just about everything works with these, that’s why this is considered the essential Xbox converter.

They are 100% tested and working. Good shape with normal wear.

50$ + 10$ shipping, OBO. PM me.

Pictures up tomorrow…

Maybe my Magic Box sucks, but the turbo function is always on when I use mine with a HRAP 1. Did you ever use one with an HRAP 1 and have that problem? Just curious.

Is HRAP 1 the green mirror top one? It shouldn’t fuck up like that. Ur shit might be jacked.

Very possible, stick works flawlessly with the other converters I’ve used. Was hoping someone else had that little problem. Thanks.

Buyer backed out. Accepting offers via PM.

Sold one. One left.

Green goblin doesn’t work with it.

this still available? pm sent