FS : Magic the Gathering (mirage)

for some reason i tried to invest and purchased a couple boxes of the mirage set of MTG cards. looking to unload for cheap to someone who might get some use out of em or even a collector. is there any interest on here? if so drop a post and ill reply or send me a PM. im pretty sure i have almost a complete since i opened 2 boxes. just looked over at ebay and i have most of the rares from that set listed. not interested in dealing with this on ebay for chump change so hit me up and ill give you a good deal. pz.


ps, local pick up would be best so you know what you are getting and save on shipping.

Heya man! So like, are you selling a complete set of Mirage ( 1 of each card? 4 of each card? Or just some good singles? ), or are you selling the boxes intact, or what? Thanks. :]

definitely interested let me know.

Not to be an ass but I believe you have to post a price. I do collect mtg cards so I’ll be interested if you’ll pm me a price please.

sorry, just threw a feeler out there. i bought two boxes when they first came out, opened them all, organized 1 set almost complete, and have a ton of left overs. i never played mtg and only bought them as an investment at the time. 2 boxes, not sure what im missing from the set, all cards in mint condition and never played. seeking a couple bucks for all of them. i looked on ebay and it showed a few cards worth a couple bucks that i have for sure.

lions eye
phyrexian dreadnought
mystical tutor
and some hammer.

i dont know man, i have no clue what im talking about, just looked them up on ebay to see if they were worth anything. anyways, feel free to PM and arrange to see them or w/e. first come first serve or make me an offer. i prefer to sell in person so you know what you are getting and im lazy to take pictures. sorry :slight_smile:

if there are any cards in particular you wanna know about ill let you know if i have it and how many. specify color too lol cause i have no clue about this crap.

Hammer of Bogardan. This thread brings back memories. :slight_smile:

spirit of the night was good too.

Regardless in the seller rules it states that you must put a price even if its a ballpark price.