FS:Marvel Super Hereos CPS2, KOF2K AES JPN

Well I splurged abit and bought some expensive arcade games recently so I want recoup some cash. So I am selling my SF:NG set up and Marvel Super Heroes.

SOLD Marvel Super Heroes CPS2- Blue USA B board. It is modded with the Keystone battery holder. Which allows you change the battery whenever you please without soldering. The battery was supposedly changed this year.
Asking $70 + 10 for shipping within the USA.

King Of Fighters 2000 JPN AES
KOF2k Pic
The cart has the usual minor insertion marks and a couple tiny scuffs on the back. But other then that the cart is in great shape.
The manual is in fantastic condition.
The case is in good shape. Only problem with it is that it is missing a little bit of plastic on the outer edge of the insert sleeve. Can be seen here

Asking $100 shipped within the USA.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. I mostly hang around neo-geo.com so you can check my feedback from there.
I will be happy to supply pics on request…I just need to go to the store and buy some new rechargeable batteries so it may take a day or two :sweat:

Sent you a PM.