FS: Marvel vs. Capcom 2(Dreamcast)

I’m here to shamelessly hock off my copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the Sega Dreamcast. The game itself is in excellent shape, but the case is just barely beat up enough to be noticeable. The game, as most of you guys know, is rare as shit, but due to the condition of the case, the value plummets. I’m looking for fifty bones for this bad boy. PM me if you’re interested.

You should probablly try ebay since everyone who plays marvel can just burn their own copy

I hate Ebay so much dude. :rofl: I have no fucking clue how that shit is supposed to work.

if you’re flexible with the price let me know. my friend’s looking for one.

That kinda depends. How flexible do I need to be?

He wants to buy the game, not a night with you.

I see what you did there.

LOLOL you guys too epic. …no homo.

Lobelia i’ll ask him what he wants and let u know by tomorrow. thanks dude.

Sounds like cool beans. 'Ppreciate it. :tup:

Willing to trade a PS2 Happ custom stick for it if you are interested in trades.

I don’t really have much use for a PS2 stick dude.

Sanji I might do that - pics of Happ stick?

PS everything about my MVC2 game is near-mint. Case, instruction book, etc.