FS - Marvel vs Capcom 2 (ps2), Capcom vs SNK 2 (ps2) and Guilty Gear x2 (ps2)

All games are MINT (very little to no scratches, original case and manual), pics available upon request.

MVC2 - 90 shipped OBO

CVS2 - 40 shipped OBO

GGX2 - 40 shipped OBO

US only please

sorry but…are those even worth that much?? imo it’s too fucking expensive. i got cvs2 on ebay for only 3 dollars US and it’s also in MINT condition, no scratches. ur making a price that’s more than a brand new one. :tdown:

did you gold plate the discs and stud the cases with diamonds?

mvc2 is really expensive now believe it or not… gamestop sells that shit used for $60 bones… and most ebay sales are $60 bones +… best place to find mvc2 since it’s rare is… ahem*… torrent… ahem*… :wgrin:

$60 is one thing… he’s asking for $90… get the fuck outta here, unless that shit’s NEW

sry for spam but
mixah, your avatar caused me to violently burst out laughing.
good times, ya!

dont bash on this guy, it does say OBO so just offer $3 or whatever.


price drop…

MVC2 - 75 shipped

CVS2 - 20 shipped

GGX2 - 20 shipped

good luck with the sale. THOSE are the prices that those games are worth

don’t be pressured into lowering your shit too much. just put that shit on ebay if no one buys it here.

games are all on ebay now…