Fs: Mas 8 button joystick case & SNK posters

I’m selling a used unmodded PlayStation 2 Tekken 5 10th anniversary joystick by Hori. The stick and buttons are fully function.

A used Mas 8 button joystick case. There is no controller pcb included. Competition joystick and concave buttons are included.

New official Snk promotional posters: (frames not included)
Samurai Shodown Tenka 21x29 - $40 shipped
The King of Fighters Neowave 21x29 - $35 shipped
SNK vs. Capcom Chaos 21x29 - $35 shipped
Power Instinct: Matrimelee 22x32 - $40
Rage of the Dragons 20x30 (has shipping damage) - $35 shipped

Garou: Mark of the Wolves 24x30 (high I quality print on thick poster paper) - $30 shipped
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 poster 22x27 - $25 shipped
Street Fighter EX2 Plus 27x39 (factory folded from arcade kit) - $60 shipped

Added Mas case.


I’ll take that MAS stick if Vynce hasn’t gotten it yet. Hit me up.

Still up for grabs as far as I know :tup:

great snk stuff man

What’s the size on the posters?

Listed the sizes of posters.

i would LOVE that Power Instinct: Matrimelee poster!
trades or just cash!

Just cash for now.