FS: MAS (full size) stick ps2 w/ p360 + convex


Like my previous HRAP2, this thing is getting no use. Everything is in great condition, minus the bottom board which is missing the little screws holding them in… could easily find them at a hardware store. Comes with a p360 stick inside and convex buttons.

Also, I won’t be able to ship this item until Friday (May 23rd) unfortunately.


I’m also willing to throw in a ps2 -> dc converter (Total control EMS… not plus).

$115 + shipping


Is it the new P360 or old one? Interested if its the old one…


New p360


Updated, throwing in a ps2 -> dc converter


do the p360’s “click” or is it silent. sorry i dont know much about this one.


silent, no clicking at all.


yep what Donut said.



Dropped the price


Got any more pics? Interested.


Yeah, pm me with an email address I can send them to.






$120 + shipping


bump, price lowered