FS: MAS, Hori Wii Sticks, Sega USB Pads, More!

MAS Stick
Brand new 6-button mini MAS for PS2. Competition stick and buttons.
$100 shipped

3 x Sega USB Pads
3 brand new Sega USB pads. One black, one grey, one white(with colored buttons, not the all white one). Comes with original box as well.
$35 shipped each

2 x Logitech Cordless Action Pads
2 brand new wireless pads but no box. Suck for fighting games but for anything else on PS2 they are the best controllers you can get.
$13 shipped each

All prices are OBO and include shipping in US. PM for details. PayPal only unless you pick up then cash is fine. Will try to get pics up ASAP but if it’s not new it sure as hell looks like it is.

Pics here:

Feedback here:

picture of the mas stick?

I’ll have pics up later today but for now it is the mini version of this:

Hi i would like to buy the Sega Saturn Pad(white)
Would it be possible for you to ship it to Norway?

TL might be easer to break them apart? also, just saying, I’d pick em up but can’t :frowning:

If you’re in/around San Diego, I’ll take that MAS stick

I’ll check if I can do the USPS $12.95 International Flat Rate box. If not I don’t know if you will still want to buy it the price is more than double that.

Break up the SF pads? I can sell them individual if anyone wants them. I just put them in there since I had other stuff for sale. Other than as a collector’s item (too bad I don’t have the boxes anymore :sad:) I don’t think SRKers care much for them anyway :rofl:

Sorry I’m in the Bay Area (Daly City to be exact). Pick ups are fine if anyone wants to do that.

hey, im interested in one of those wii hori sticks. Ill PM you


Bump. One Hori Wii stick sold. All Sega pads still available. Prices dropped.

was the wii hori stick shipped today?

Hey man, I’ll take the Anniversary pad set. PM sent.

PM’d on the wii stick. I’ll take it.

Sorry I had jury duty so didn’t have the chance to send it out. Then SRK was down for me last night so I couldn’t get the address. It will go out tomorrow for sure.

All PMs replied to.

yeah just let me know when, so i can expect it to come

pm sent

didnt get a PM from you

Oops sorry I could have sworn I replied. You should have it now :tup:

PM Sent

Both Hori sticks and SFA pad set have all been sold. Good stuff still available! Surprised the Sega pads haven’t been scopped up yet. Prices dropped again!