FS: MAS stick p360

PS2 version: located NY.

p360 10 button setup.
all convex buttons i believe. (not curved IN)
MINT. looking for 200 obo.


^^^^^^^link shows a dent in the image/template thingy.

edit: i would’ve put in the img code,but the pics are too big. sorry i suck at photography.

Unless this is one of the old Wico 360s then why is the price so high?


during when i got them,they were what i paid,obviously.
but i didnt realize the price went down. looking for best offer still.


where you located and how old is the joystick?

oh,sorry,and thanks to MegaManDS for the edit. i forgot thats possible here.

located nyc. sticks are under 2yrs i believe. had less than 6months play here and there.

I’m gonna offer 100+ shipping if it’s not outrageous.

sorry no thanks.

Well 200 is kinda high man, I don’t think you’ll get that.

Just so you know, you can get a brand new MAS with a P360 for $145 before shipping. And I don’t care where you live in the US, the shipping isn’t going to be $50. I don’t care how good of condition it’s in, once something is used you can’t sell it for what you paid.

i dont know if ya’ll read the thread.
…but i acknowledged the fact the price dropped,aaaaaaand
i said…still looking for best offer. thats pretty simple.
im not forcing anyone to reply here with obvious statements.

edit:although i declined 100 dont get mad. wtf.

ok here is an easy way to perk the sales of this stick. open it up and take a picture of the P360. this is so people can tell if its a happ or a WICO… i know if i wanted a p360 id pay a little more for that wico and it would sell faster.

just some advice hope you dont mind.

if youre really looking to sell it for what youre asking for, i suggest going to EBAY and not here. as been stated before, $150 shipped for a used MAS w/ P360 is already pushing it, but $200 wont def sell here.

my point being people on ebay are usually hella more stupid.

pretty much…

or you can head to CTF without hte stick, and see if any of the fuckers are interested there. many of them don’t have computers, but they want a stick. lol

$200 is reserved for byrdo sticks, flash sticks, unused wico 360 mas, and doubles…

sorry, i really doubt you’ll get close to that.

i really cant believe the price dropped though,but its all good. lol@CTF,no pcs,but want sticks. its not wico,thats not for sale. its happs. anyway,i’ll probably keep it. mods can delete/close this