FS: MAS Stick

Im getting rid of my mas it has a new sony ps1 dual shock in it all the buttons are happ comp except for start and select. The joystick is happ comp every thing looks and feels great Price is 90 plus shipping

nice stick man, good luck with the sale. :tup:

thanks man

bump and price change :slight_smile:

no one? ill give it a couple of days before it hits ebay

well i sent you 2 pm’s but you didnt bother to reply , most likely cause you prob dont want to ship internationaly …

but i mean you couldnt even be bothered to reply to them either way so … yeah …

my buisness went elsewhere to more friendly folk

i didnt recive any pms from you im sorry if you didnt recive any reply i wasnt trying to be rude but i didnt even get anythinf from you