FS: MC PS3 Fightpad, Hori T.A.C. PS3 keypad + mouse, MW2, Mortal Kombat 9

PS3 Mad Catz wireless Ryu fightpad… 18 shipped

Has I’d estimate between 15-20 hours of use. No sticky buttons or issues with the D-pad.


I’m looking to sell my Hori FPS PS3 keypad and mouse combo. There’s a lot of hate over this controller on YTube, but once I tweaked the settings to my liking I had a great time with it. The XIM3 is certainly superior, but it was way out of my price range. With this you get the Hori name and quality, and once developers start allowing mouse support out of the box, then you’ll be sitting pretty with this Sony-approved device.

Like New condition, all in working order. Includes original packaging, mouse pad, inserts, instructions, sticker sheet.

Looking to get 75 shipped in the continental US for this bad boy. Willing to ship elsewhere, but I’ll have to adjust the quote.


Also selling some PS3 games:

MW3… 30 shipped SOLD
MW2… 12
MK9… ** 25**

Willing to bundle the Hori TAC and MW2 for 80 shipped.




Added Ryu Fightpad.