FS: Meshball Balltops and Joystick

Seimitsu LS-56 20 shipped

Sanwa Meshball 15 each
Also have yellow (not pictured)

PS3 Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA $105

I’ll take black one if ur ok with me paying tomorrow…pm me ur paypal…

Alright sending pm now

I’ll take the Light Blue Mesh. I’ll pay you tomorrow! PM Please!

Pmt sent!


Can you tell me a little about Seimitsu LS-33? I’m just curious how this compares to Stock Madcats TE sticks JLF which I believe is Sanwa. I may want it.

Ummnn, that is a picture of an LS-56-01. The LS33 has a yellow plastic base and a cylinder base over a metal washer instead of a light blue pivot. Also all LS-33’s come with 2 .187 terminals for each switch. That has a PCB with a wire harness plug.

You might be confused because the PCB says LS-33 on it, but all LS-56-01’s have that on there.

stick added

Got the meshball today…great stuff…thanks again bro.