FS: Meus Cheap Sale Thread: Arcade parts, cases, Joysticks


Hi there im new to this forum for selling items. I have 100% feedback here on srk site. Im honest person and im not here to scam or rip ppl off. I have sold items before on another forum. Here is the link u guys can check it out and i have 100% feedback there too. http://www.redflagdeals.com/forums/member.php?u=44627.

The reason im selling all my items is b/c they are laying at my home doing nothing and i want to sell them to ppl who will use them.

The items im selling doesnt includ shipping. The Couriers for shipping will be Ups for Big items for secured and safety reasons and small items will be canada Post.

Almost all the items im selling are brand new. Like cases, buttons, and joysticks.

First Items im selling are cases made by well know case builders here on srk community.

First is voltech case with piano black colour made by maple. Size is universal with 8layout vewlix style. The joystick isnt included & the buttons too, only case.
asking 85 usd =new

Next is Souji5 case made of zebra with 8 layout style & low pro style all coated already. asking 100 =new

Next case is made of poplar that i got from infamouskid its primed and ready to be painted wtih 8 layout style, buttons arent included. asking 50 dollars.= never used

Next is Old and rare Hori fighting stick for ps1 and very easy to mod, all working excellent & comes with box and manual. Asking 40 dollars =used

Next is 2 Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK w/o wire harness. asking 23 dollars each = barely used

Next is one of each Seimitsu Ball Handle Joystick new, LS-32-01, LS-40-01, LS-55-01, LS-56-01. asking 25 dollars each = new.

Next is 6 new Sanwa OSBF-30 White buttons. asking 15 dollars = new

Ok thats all i have and thanks for looking if u have any question pm or post here thanks

LS-32-01 stick : SOLD
Psp 2001 slim 09 madden edition with blue color: traded
1 chutlu board fully assemble: traded
seimitsu K-N green buttons: SOLD
seimitsu clear bubble balltop. green,yellow,blue:SOLD
sanwa black battop: SOLD
nausb black color 2: SOLD
All 3 meshball not for sale anymore.
Steven Tren case: SOLD
Last item is 360 xbox hackpad: SOLD


dibs on chutlu board!


tagged thread.


is the xbox 360 controller a microsoft or mad catz pad?




nvm i see


that’s too bad, maybe something else you have might catch my eye…


not sure is madcatz or microsoft will check and post here.


Is that last meshball vermillion or old school pink?

Anyways interested in cthulu if other offers fall through. Can pay right away.


the one in the middle is vermillion and other pink is old school color

Edit: put some pics of the hackedpad 360. it has all the qd’s for each single wire with common ground too


Awesome Pmd


hey serg



Just wanna say I bought from Meus before and he is the real deal. Buy with confidences.


interested in the ls-56.

p.m. sent


solid price on that psp. it’s hard to find to find one in really good condition and custom firmware. if it’s still there in a week i’ll jolla at you.


Glad I saw this Thread.
I’m taking the Sanwa LB-35-MP.

Aww, didn’t see that cue16 mentioned about it in his Post. :sad:
Not glad anymore.
I still want it.


Second this. I bought a JLF and Seimitsu buttons from him in person and it went to good use:


Bump and update the thread


Good guy to deal with! Bought two sticks from me, really easy to work and honestly I’m tempted to buy the zebra back at that price lol Somebody jump on this quick!!


Haha no kidding. All of those custom sticks are awesome.