FS: Microsoft refurbished Xbox 360 w/60gb HD, HDMI and games

I’m selling a Microsoft refurbished Xbox 360. Included with the 360 is a 60gb hard drive, HDMI port, controller, 3 games (SSF4, Blazblue CS, MVC3) and 1 year of Xbox Live. All the cables will be included as well.

Individual prices:
Xbox 360 (includes controller, 60gb HD, all original cables, and HDMI) - $80 shipped SOLD
1 year of Xbox Live - $35 (I will e-mail the code) SOLD
SSF4 game - $10
Blazblue CS game - $15
MVC3 game - $15 SOLD

I will listen to offers. Not interested in trades at the moment.



(Original faceplate will be put back on)


If anyone is interested in buying and is going to EVO, we can do a meet up at the Rio buffet or something…

I can shave $20, but I will require a $75 down payment. I don’t want to carry a 360 for no reason.

Lowered the price to 200 shipped. Check it!

No more bundled deal. All prices cover shipping costs within the US.

ill take marvel

Just replied to the e-mails and made some notes to the original post.

Please hit me up if you’re interested in buying the Xbox 360!

Sold the Xbox 360. SSF4 and Blazblue CS are still available. Get 'em here cheap and use the rest of your money to buy DLC! n_n