FS: Mini-Mas Stick and MvC2 for PS2


Selling a Mini-Mas and MvC2 for PS2 in very good condition. Mini-mas was barely and lightly used after bought from another srk member, a new mas competition stick and new competition convex buttons were put in by the other srk member. Everything feels brand new. Mini-mas has a brand new PS1 digital PCB(works on PS2 fine). MvC2 comes with original case and manual, barely any scratches on the disk and works perfectly. I am really trying to look for a meet up somewhere in the bay area(San Francisco, Daly City), but im willing to ship. I am selling the mini-mas for $95 shipped and the MvC2 for $60 shipped.




MvC2 for PS2 price lowered


Anyway to make this work on ps3?


mini-mas sold