FS:Mini Stick cases. The Quality Travel stick case

Sale! Free Shipping on Series A cases!
Mini Stick Cases. Designed with ultimate portability in mind without sacrificing quality. these small sticks will be able to fit in a smaller space that will make it convenient for travel. I will be selling the cases only.

Size Comparison to the awesome yet less portable TE.

Friday May 13, List will be done with and sale will be open to anybody.

Pictured is a Stick with LS-33 with a 30mm ball top and various 24mm screw in buttons. The Acrylic is clear, there is a blue protective film to protect material from dust and scratches.

Pictures from all angles


If using PS360 Start and Select. I must emphasize, a Neutrik USB is NOT compatible due to space contraints.


Start and a switch craft Jack.


Left- Turbo and Guide can go here. If you have a switchcraft, Home and Select is an option.




Right - 4P and 4K


Rubber lined bottom. Hole for easy screw driver access to shaft for balltop adjustment.


Example Interiors (please remember I am selling the cases only, so no buttons sticks or PCBs)
MC Cthulhu Wired.


PS360 Wired. If your cord has no ferrite bead like my cord, then tie a knot to keep the cord from pulling out. Don’t use quick disconnects on 1/2 in. radio shack side buttons like I did here. I ended up cutting the QD’s off and soldering.


Pictures of Joystick Mounting



Bolts for Seimitsu VF plate and 2 screws for Switchcraft RJ-45 jack (jack not included)


Rough Measurements. For some cases the sides walls have a thickness of 1/4 while others are 3/8 due to what was in stock at the wood store.

Specifications, Links to parts, Art Template
Compatible joysticks.
LS-33 with VF plate (recommended. also suggest swappng out spring for a JLF spring)
LS-56/LS-56-01 with VF plate (default plate) (I suggest cutting 1/8 inch -1/4 inch off the bottom of actuator for looser spring tension)
LS-55/LS-55-01 withVF plate (not tested)

Compatible buttons.

Face and Top:
24mm Screw ins.
24mm Snap ins with some modification. Will bolt the acrylic top to MDF upon request. Snap-ins not recommended for two top buttons (select and Start).

Side buttons:
Radio Shack 1/2 inch buttons: Red, Black

1/2 inch nylon button hole plug $2 extra each. I only have a few so I will limit 2 per case sold.

PCBs that can fit inside.
MC Cthulhu
PS360 (Version 1. Currently sold out discontinued)
Dual Strike SMD (pm Gummowned)
PDP Marvel Vs Capcom pad PCB (cannot be dual modded)
Madcatz Xbox 360 arcade stick PCB (TE or SE)
Joytron Paewang PCB (etokki.com)

(not tested but I think they will fit)
Dual Strike
PS360+ (not released yet. It was said to be thinner, but a little longer. We’ll see)

Cord notch for outgoing cord.
Switchcraft RJ-45 (pictured above, not included) if using MC Cthulhu. (not included)

Will drill mounting holes for Switchcraft RJ-45 Mount only on request. Screws for mounting Switchcraft will be included. Switchcraft RJ-45 not included.
Switchcraft RJ-45 Jacks can be purchased here.
Cat 6 version here, (not sure if it is better)

Acrylic top panel allows for custom art.
Art templete can be downloaded here:

All cases will be finished with a Protective Urethane Varnish.



Q:Can you put on artwork for me? What about a template?
A:No. If want to put on art you will need to do that yourself. If you want to make a template, just take the acryllic and trace it and put it in a scanner, or put the acrylic in the scanner itself. Because it is a small case, it is cheap for you to print on your home printer with photo paper.
Available here is the Art Template that I made. I may be off a mm or two.
PNG: (must set resolution to 300 DPI

Q: Why blue Acrylic top panels? I want Clear.
A: The panels are actually clear. There is a blue layer of protective film that you can peel off when you are ready to apply the art.

Q: Can a Neutrik USB panel mount fit?
A: No. The problem is that with the Neutrik USB there is a 2-3 inch long cylinder of space needed behind the hole to clear a USB A connector. That runs into the button switches and often the USB A cable will encroach on the PCB space.

Q: Can you wire up the stick for me?
A: No. I really don’t want to for warranty reasons.

Q: I’ve never built a stick before. How do I wire it up?
A: I reccomend looking at slagcoin.com in the sections for PCB and wiring.

If you buy a PS360 PCB and your joysticks and buttons, all you will need is a wire cutter/stripper/cutter, wire, quick disconnects USB cable and a thin tipped 15-30 watt soldering iron.

For a MC Cthulhu it is a bit more involved.

Q:So both Sanwa and Seimitsu Screw in 24 mm buttons will work? What about 24mm snap ins?
A:Yes Sanwa and Seimitsu 24mm screw ins will work. Snap ins can work for the top six if you drill and bolt the top acrylic panel to the MDF Panel.

Q: Can I use quick disconnects?
A:Yes, but they will need to be bent. Look at the example builds photos above. For the Radio shack buttons you should solder wires. Quick disconnects to not securely stay on to those buttons.

Q:Sanwa JLF? LS-32-01, LS-40-01? Korean parts?
A: No. This was designed with the compact Seimitsu VF-Mounting plate in mind for compact seimitsu sticks.

Q: Happ or IL Joystick?
A: Are you crazy?

Q: Will a Madcatz Fightpad PCB fit?
A: No.

Q: Can I dual mod a MC Cthulhu and a Xbox 360 PCB.
A: It might be possible with a TE PCB and a MC Cthulhu and Version 1 imp, but I have not tried this.

Q:Hitbox Layout?
A:No. There is not enough horizontal width for all the buttons, without unnaturally curving the directional button layout.

Purple heart sold


A09) Shipped
Front Back Purple Heart. Sides Birds Eye maple.



Series B
8 more coming. Estimated availibility: some time in May.

curly maple oak sides sold


B01) Curly Maple Front Back. Oak Sides. shipped



B02 sold


B03 Curly Maple Jatoba pending


B03) Curly Maple Front Back. Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry) sides. shipped



B04 sold


B05 sold


B06) Curly Maple Front Back. Maple Burl sides. shipped

B07 sold


B08) Quilted Maple Front Back. Cocobolo Sides. Not sure if it will ever be finished…

its def pretty sweet. How tall does it sit.
Looks like there is still alittle space for the left hand to rest; nothing worse than when the stick is right on the edge of the case.

Nice builds though, what you asking for them?

How much would one cost approximately?

I always loved the smaller Byrdo designs and other cases are designed with portability in mind. I might be interested.

Just for the cases themselves they where going to be in $80 - $120 range depending on wood.

Basically only a dual strike SMD is capable of fitting, but will experiment with cutting the pcb of a MC Cthulhu to fit.

Edit:Archiving cases sold

Series A Cases Sold


A04) $90 + Shipping (Pending)
Back Birds Eye Maple. Front and Sides Curly Maple.



A05 Sold
A05) $90 +Shipping
All Birdseye Maple



Series A
01) $80 + Shipping
CurlyMaple Front and Back. Red Oak Sides.



02) $90 +Shipping
All Curly Maple



03) $80 +Shipping
Curly Maple Front and Back. Birds Eye Maple Sides (Back is sorta curly. Nocked it down in price.)



A06)$90 +Shipping
Curly Maple Front and Back. Birds Eye Maple Sides



07) $110 +Shipping
Front and Back Curly Maple. Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) sides.



A08) $110 +Shipping
Front Back Purple Heart. Sides Curly Maple.



A10) $120 +Shipping
Front and Back Curly Maple. Sides Padauk. (Yes, also comes with top panel, Still waiting for it to dry to fully assemble.)



11) $120 +Shipping
Front and Back Birds Eye Maple. Sides Padauk. (Yes, also comes with top panel, Still waiting for it to dry to fully assemble.)



Series B cases sold


B02) Curly Maple Front Back. Oak Sides. $80 + $15 Shipping (on hold for mastermind if list does not claim by Friday)



B04) Curly Maple Front Back. Jatoba (Brazillian Cherry) sides. $105+$15 Shipping (pending)



B05) Curly Maple Front Back. Bloodwood (Sateen) sides. $105 +$15 Shipping
(Small flaw, one corner had tearout and is sanded down. High right front corner facing you in first picture)



B07) Quilted Maple Front Back. Redwood Burl Sides. $150 + $15 Shipping (pending for Latin00032)
This case includes side buttons due to the drill busting through in the inside counter sink.



What about a PS360? Can you fit one of those in there?

nope…Well I’m thinking of something to make it possible now. We’ll see.

To my memory less than 2 inches more than 1.75

mini me…lol
I’m going to ask my friend if he’d be interested in one of these.

I would be down. Especially if you can fit a MC Cthulhu and it has Astro City layout. Rock on.

Won’t be doing Astro City I’m afraid because how HK dips down. In a build like this every mm counts. I will only have 1 single design, so basically there will not be any customization.

I am designing it with MC Chthulhu in mind but instead of RJ-45 it will use a more compact and easy to work with D-Sub 9. I am working on putting together a 3d model of the How it will look, because I am slighting changing it to use a slightly different arrangement to maximize space and doing the interior in a different manner.

Oh yeah LS-56-01 and 24mm screw ins only.

Very interested, anyway you can do a TE button layout and do stick art with it?

They look really good man,

Even so, I am extremely interested. Any estimate for a fully populated box?

Edit: Sounds good to me. Are you finishing them in all the same color or will you take orders of colors?

I plan to sell the cases only. Too much headache ordering parts for people and too many opportunities to screw up. Just deciding to make these I am already out about a few hundred dollars as an investment. Keeping a stock of parts only puts me out for more money. And wiring many sticks for people I don’t see myself having the time to do.

I’m definitely interested. I’ve been wanting a tiny stick for the AES joystick I have. I really don’t have any interest in a db-9 jack though; even a simple notch in the wood for an outgoing cable would be better, so I could use a mini-DIN. But I’ve been thinking…
How thick is the back wall where you have the DB-9 connector is? How tall? And can you make square cuts?
Yes, I’d definitely prefer and RJ-45 jack being available, and I can also understand how the pass thru parts we normally use would be too unwieldy. What I was thinking of would be to have a straight through square cut to put one of these (or similar vertical RJ-45 through hole jacks) in:
Digi-Key - AE10399-ND (Manufacturer - A-2014-2S-4-N-R)
It’d be trivial to make a small board to go on the inside of the stick that the jack solders on to and has screw holes to screw it into the wood from the inside. If the wood was thinner than the jack’s length, a couple of washers could adjust the height so the jack was close to flush with the outside. Best of all, there’d be almost no room inside of the case taken up. Connecting that to an MC Cthulhu would be trivial.
I know you don’t want to go down the road of customization because of how difficult miniature work can be. If you don’t want to discuss this, that’s cool, just let me know if I can get a TMO style cord notch in the wood instead of the DB-9.

i’m definitely interested, depending on the cost and whether you can fit a PS360 in there. i’d prefer the cord notch as well, to keep things simple.

Hey Toodles that sounds like a great idea. Out of curiosity, how much would it cost me if you where to fabricate to make a dozen or so PCBs designed like so and ship it out to me? I would buy the jacks you linked and assemble them myself.

I am starting to think that a notch is the way to go. While not aesthetically pleasing end users would have the easiest time just soldering an RJ-45 cable and stick the jack into a coupler.

Sounds dope. Anyway you could make a hitbox version? or is it too small?

Sorry no hitboxes. It would muck up my assembly line process that I am planning on using on these.

Wouldn’t a neutrik or swithcraft fit on the left side instead of the back? I agree with toodles about the db-9, if the RJ-45 is definately not possible then I guess a notch would be best. Any idea how much shipping to UK would be?

You want to work out a deal for one of these cases? Even better if you can get a square cut for one of them put in :slight_smile: It wouldn’t be hard to lay out, but proto runs end up costing about $150 for a small selection of boards.