FS:Mint Japan Sega Saturn Games


I got 10 Japan Sega Saturn games for sale and one mint PS2 blue Command Stick Programmer.

1 Fighting Vipers/ 11 shipped
2 Virtua Fighter/ 11 shipped
3 Virtua Fighter 2/ 11 shipped
4 Virtua Fighter kids/ 15 shipped
5 Marvel Super Heroes/ 20 shipped
6 Vampire Hunter/ 12 shipped
7 Sakura Wars/ 11 shipped
8 Sakura Wars 2 limited Edition/ 20 shipped
9 Panzer Dragon 2 Zwei/ 12 shipped

All games


sent you a msg about the stick yesterday let me know if you got it


SS3 sold.


Hi mvc sorry for the late reply about the stick. I tested out and everything works out perfect.


Ps2 command stick sold.


would you be interested in a trade? I have an extra copy of CAPCOM VS SNK Millionaire Fighting 2000 for the Dreamcast (Japan)?