FS: Misc. Games

I will offer the following games for sale. All of the games are in playable condition, playable on NTSC U/C consoles, and unless noted, comes with the instruction manual.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII
Platform: Playstation 2
Synopsis: The seventh installment of Koei’s legendary series has taken a new approach in the way the game is played. You can select a general to help your lord unify China, a ronin to wander around China to gain fame and fortune, or be a lord yourself and gain fame as you run your country to unify a nation.
Players: 1(you can have up to 8 players with a hidden code)

Thumbnails of the game:
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a250/pearlslam/th_ROTTK7front.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a250/pearlslam/th_ROTTK7back.jpg http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a250/pearlslam/th_ROTTK7disk.jpg

Price: SOLD(pc1x1)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Synopsis: Solid Snake is back on Nintendo as bigger and badder than ever before. The Plot of Metal Gear Solid is married to the game mechanics of Metal Gear Solid 2 with beauty and the same grimness as the origonal MGS.
Players: 1

Thumbnails of the game:

Price: SOLD (Chippermonkey)

Madden 07
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Synopsis: It’s football. This game is also the last game in the Evil EA’s exclusive agreement with the NFL.

Thumbnails of the game:

Price: $15

King of Fighters Maximum Impact
Platform: Playstation 2
Synopsis: This is the first time that SNK transitioned the King of Fighters franchise into 3D. Some may say that the low character count makes this a lacking game, but I call this good clean fun for the casual gamer.

Thumbnails of the game:

Price: SOLD(pc1x1)

F1 2002
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Synopsis: Some may argue that this is one of the best F1 games out there, but regardless of what you may think, this game offers depth, something that modern games may disregard.

Thumbnails of the game:

Price: $10

Capcom Arcade Hits vol. 1
Platform: PC
Synopsis: The first in a series of re-releases of classic Capcom arcade games, this collection features two well known(or infamous) games to ever graced the arcades, Street Fighter and Street Fighter 2: Championship Edition. Both are arcade perfect ports of their arcade counterparts, and you can even install Street Fighter on to your PDA.

Thumbnails of the game:

Price: CLAIMED(Chippermonkey)

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
Platform: Sega Dreamcast
Synopsis: Self Explantory.

Game Thumbnails:

Price: SOLD(chinodaho)

NeverWinter Nights: Diamond
Platform: PC-DVD ROM
Synopsis: Not Available.

Note: My Brother bought this thing used at a yard sale thinking that it would work for his PC, however it turned out that his PC didn’t have a DVD drive. Has normal wear and tear, however it has undergone a repair process before it was placed in what will be the shipping package just in case anything that was repairable was missed. Has all of the registration codes.

Item thumbnails:


Price: $20

I am always interested in trades. I am currently looking for King of Fighters 2002/2003 for a US PS2(no imports).

My Policies for all items sold in my sales:

  1. Payment for the items that are in this sale is due 10 days after the item is officially sold. I can hold items at your request for no more than a month, but I expect some communication between us during this time period. If you have some doubts if you can pay me in the time period that I’ve laid out, request a hold. Failure to communicate, or pay me in the time limit will result in the item going back up for sale. I accept Money Orders and paypal.

  2. I do not guarantee the quality of the case that games, CDs, DVDs, etc. come in, even when the case in question is an original one.

  3. I ship to anywhere in the US for no additional charge. I will ship to international addresses, but you must provide the additional costs for shipping. I calculate costs on a 9 ounce package delivered by USPS.

  4. Price formula is that I take the five highest “buy it now” prices and average them, throwing out the most expensive and the cheapest before the average, and used some common sense.

NEWS: Price cuts on select games!

How much for is the shipping for Maximum Impact?

Free if you live in the US. It’s stated as #3 in my policies.

pm sent probably.

Whats your paypal, I’ll take it, can I get the Capcom for PC too :wink:

The following Items have been sold:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes- Chippermonkey
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact- pc1x1
Capcom Arcade Hits vol. 1- Chippermonkey
Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII- pc1x1

I will try to ship Tuesday.

Thanks, and darn you chipper, make the community ISOs, hahaha If I recall correctly those were strange strange ports, but kewl nostalgic value :wink:

Sanji please leave feedback on my payment on my feedback thread, thanks, Ill do the same when your items arrive.

Chippermonkey and pc1x1, your items are in the mail.


Edit: These items must GO!!! I’m offering F1 2002 and Madden 07 for $15. First come, first serve.

News: New items are up for sale. Get them while they are hot. See first post for details.


Third Strike has been sold to chinodaho.

Last Chance for the 2 for 1 deal before I slap it on ebay.