FS: Misc Parts & Systems

Mint Condition Sega Dreamcast with av/Power cables $20 shipped [ SOLD ]

Fat Playstation 2 With network Adapter $45 shipped [ SOLD ]

Mint Condition Sega Dreamcast VGA adapter $10 shipped [ SOLD ]

2x Mint Condition Smart Joy PS2/DC Adapters 10 each shipped
or $20 shipped for both.

Xbox 360 VGA Adapter $15 shipped

Happs IL Competition Joystick Hard spring $2 shipped [ SOLD ]

Xbox 360 Blazblue LE sealed $30 shipped [ SOLD ]

will add more later.

Pictures available upon request.
prices shipped at for USA. Canada will be a little more.

Sega Dreamcast sold to Fusulu
Happs hardspring sold to Outkast
Xbox 360 Blazblue sold to necr0spawn
PS2 w/ Network adapter sold to exmachina

I’ll buy the Sega Dreamcast from you.

^^ good man. I hate seeing those things go for so little. Some day the little beasts will retain a bit more value.

What’s the make on the VGA box (DC one)? I’m interested in that depending on that info.


that’s the brand and review about the DC VGA adaptor.

PM sent! Been trying to track down a network adapter for a while.

sent out blazblue and hardspring today.
dreamcast and ps2 will be on monday.
keep you guys all posted. thanks! =)

sent ps2 and dc yesterday.


confirmation # for dremcast : 0309 1830 0002 0331 1215
confirmation # for ps2: 0309 1830 0002 0331 1260

feedback please. thanks! =)

Nice, thanks for the heads up and tracking #! I’ll be sure to leave positive feedback once the package arrives, though it might take longer than usual because of the stupid amounts of snow we’ve been getting here on the East Coast.