FS- misc pcb's PGM , mvc2 and games

price are in USD …ppal add 3% to cover fees

360 wireless adapter
used( lightly for like 3 weeks) fully working
$60 shipped

Radiant silvergun( with some fotocopy art) +shinryu with jpn mobo
435$ shipped

pgm mobo w/ demon front and Dodonpachi 2
looking for $335 shipped with tracking and insured in canada/usa

naomi carts
mvc2-$275 shipped in canada and the us
PS2( powa stone 2)-$325 shipped in canada and the us ( got a few jpn flyers and stickers with this one)

also intrest check on a turbo duo rx
-PC Engine Duo-R, modded by D-Lite to play Japanese and US games.
-Dracula X - perfect condition, no spine card
-Sapphire - This is from the “second run” of these. Yes, it’s probably a bootleg, but you’d never know it.
-Arcade Card Duo
-Tototek PC Engine Flash Card - This lets you play “teh ROMZ” on a real Duo…Basically, you’ll have access to the entire catalog of PC Engine games.
looking for $550+ shipping

ESP rade
$250usd + shipping to you

13" macbook white(duo core) with sofe sleev case with charger 800$



i took out the sold stuff from my original post.

how old is that macbook?