FS: MK Kombat Passes (360), Agetec Case, Madcatz Se stick (360)

Alright, here’s what we have:

  • 1 Mortal Kombat Kombat Pass for Xbox 360. These were pulled by me personally from brand new, shrinkwrapped copy of the game. $5.50, will be delivered within 12 hours of payment, and likely much sooner than that.

  • [S]1 Madcatz SF4 SE stick. The stick is in pristine condition EXCEPT: The original stick has been removed and has not been replaced.[/S]
    [S](Backstory: Got this new, played with it for $10 minutes, turns out it had the washer problem. Removed the stick intending to replace it but never did)[/S]
    [S]-$35 shipped.[/S]

[S]- 1 Agetec Dreamcast Case. In very good condition, bottom plate is near perfect, and the top plate has been filed down to accommodate regular Japanese buttons. Can throw in original buttons and joystick, but condition AS-IS, no idea if they work or not.[/S]
[S]- $30 shipped[/S]

I’ll take one of the MK passes (the online pass, right?)-- let me know where to send cashmonayze

ill take that MAd cats SE stick off of you

Put me down for the Agetec. I’d like to see some pics. Thanks.

PMs sent to Q87 and Mr. Pavy.

I’ll try to get them up tonight, but may not be until tomorrow after I get home from work. You have dibs until pics go up.

MC SE sold, 1 MK sold.

Redeemed the pass and it worked just fine-- thanks!

Agetec case, Can I get pictures? I am very interested.

Agetec case sold!

Damn, I really wanted it.

Madcatz and Agetec shipped out today.

Bump, 1 Kombat Pass left.