FS: MM's Carbon Fiber Style CP Overlay, Dust Washers, & Shafts Services


I acquired a sheet of material that is a lot like 3M’s Di-Noc with the Carbon Fiber-like weave. This is textured, and feels very nice for your hands to rest on. Pictures really don’t do this justice as it looks beautiful in person! This same exact material has been used to customize the interiors of very high end sports and luxury cars at a friend’s auto shop for a while now so there is no doubt that the material is very good.

For $20-$25 (depending on CP size) I will outfit your control panel with the material. This price includes the cost of the material and labor (heat gun application and cutting).

I am thinking about $7 for both a shaft cover and dust washer covering, or $4 ea.

Here are some examples of what you would expect:

Before I cut/sanded the washer!!

If interested, please let me know! Thanks!


That is nice. I would def would like one for my namco stick cause top looks F***ed up


how does the overlay feel after hours of play? how well does it stand up to heat/sweat?


Hey guys, was gone for a few days… I am going through all my PMs right now one by one so hang tight!

I’ll send you a PM in a bit.

What I like best about the overlay is that it still feels basically the same as it does when you first start playing reguardless of how long you use it for. It holds up extremely well to sweat. I use a heat gun to apply the overlay so it is basically bulletproof in that respect. The heat from your hands would not really affect it.


Oh I am so down for something like this, I’ve been holding out for something truly unique for me SE stick and I think I may have just found it…


Namco stick is going to look so slick with it on.


Overly are used on many car application and is very durable

I may sell my left overs since I have a lot left from the roll I bought with intention of doing my interior of my car cf lol.

My te wrapped stick with matching shoes