FS: Modded 360/PC TE stick (mirrored and Sanwas) $90 shipped!

Decide to put the stick back up for sale.


Modded TE stick that will work on computers and your 360. Sanwa stick with Sanwa buttons. Mirror front, but you can replace it with anything you want. Comes with its original box.

$90 shipped in the US. Will ship international but shipping will be a bitch.

Paypal or MO only.

this can also be used for pc’s


Price dropped!

If it has a x-360 pcb and you get the drivers to use it then yes.

What he said. This will work on both 360 and PC. For the PC just plug it in and the drivers will install by themselves.

Small price drop on stick.

X’Eye added.

Back for sale.

I still have this. I will entertain with offers but no lowballing please.

$95 shipped in the US now. I need to get rid of it FAST! Complete comes with the box!

It’s $90 shipped, for the love of god someone buy this off of me.

pm sent