FS: Modded DOA3 Xbox360 Stick, MagicBox Converters, Gears of War 2

Prices include shipping in the US only. Paypal only.

Modded DoA3 Xbox360 stick.All Sanwa buttons and stick. Originally purchased from fellow SRK member Paik4life. No headset support.$130 shipped.

Magic Box converters one is $45 shipped and the other is $40 shipped due to slight cosmetic issue. Both converters work fine except one has a broken piece of plastic where the headset was supposed to go in.

Gears of War 2 in excellent condition $35 shipped.


Wow that’s a beautiful Chun-li stick…The only problem is the background, isn’t that the Great wave at mt. fuji art & chun-li is chinese…Looks freaken sweet though…If i didn’t have so many sticks already, i would buy it…


Replied. Chun stick on hold for Roushie.

Chun stick sold to Roushie. Everything else is still available.

never seen that kind of stick b4, very interesting design.