FS: Modded DOA4 stick


I have just recently modded this DOA4 Hori stick but I already have 7 other joysticks so I’m gonna sell this one. It comes with with Seimetsu LS-32-01 and 6 Sanwa OBSF and custom artwork made by me. It works like a dream and is available for Playstation format. Will come shipped in the original box as well.

125$ + shipping OBO.

Also I will be able to change out the artwork if you want. and for a couple bucks extra I can take out the PS2 PCB and swap in X360 PCB.

More pics availble on request. Thanks for looking.



what kind of paper is that for the art ?


HD photopaper with laminate.


how about that xbox button at the top? do you have the original?


All the top 5 buttons are the original buttons from the doa4 stick.


that stick art is godlike

i think people might want a pic of the inside


Insides for shotokan


bump, price drop