FS: Modded HRAP 2 w/ Sanwa buttons

I’m looking to sell my modded HRAP 2 with the stock Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y stick and added Sanwa OBSF-30s. Only the first six buttons are modded, and colored orange. The stick is in perfect condition and has been used for less than a month. I’d like to sell it since it’s not seeing much use around my place.

I’ll try and post some pics up later tonight when I have time.

Price: $135 + Shipping





pm sent

I really hope your not going to buy this so you can mark up the price and repost it here.

That would be really ghetto.


It would be nice if you gave people a chance to buy this at a fair price.


Eh… I can’t buy and sell things as I please? Thought this was America? LOL

Hate the game, not the player!!! Let the neg reps rain!!!

I could give a shit about reps… He has a stick he wants to sell and I have the money, whats the big deal? If I choose to turn around and sell it, I will so on ebay where they are going for near $200.

I’m talking about your game! and I want neg reps! Hate your game, not you…I was referring to albert_c’s post.


I don’t think anyone is saying that you aren’t free to do what you want. SRK is, however a type of community where there “should” remain a mutual respect between members…ie…unwritten rules about respecting other people, not price gouging, not flaming, being courteous, etc etc.

If you wanna buy a stick for $130 and sell it for $200, more power to ya if its worth the effort for $70 and you can get it on ebay. You should know where hes coming from though with his post (although he was a bit abrupt).

Just my .02

Yeah, be kind of a dick move to just buy it to get like a pathetic $70 for re-selling it.

First off, I don’t see anyone else making him any offers on his stick. 2nd, you are all trolling and screwing with his thread. He wants to sell a stick and I have money to buy his stick, so as far I’m concerned you are all idiots. Put up or shut up if you have problem. $70 is pathetic? Shit, If I could make $70 on a every item I sold on ebay I’d be a rich man! Fucking moron.

Seriously, if you guys don’t think people flip things on here all the time, I’m not sure what to think.

If one if you buys it for $130, and the item is worth $250 a year later, and you are sick of it, are you really going to throw away that extra $120?

I’m not trying to be the bad guy here, but if he has the money to pay for it, and no one else does, I don’t see the issue.

Pics added

ejdge your inbox is full

All cleared out now.

Can you ship to Canada?

I should be able to but I already have two pending offers. I’ll post if any of these fall through.

It’d be greatly appreciated. I can pay whenever, if it ends up being necessary.